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Western Civilization: A Concise History Volume 3

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Christopher Brooks

Copyright Year: 2019

Last Update: 2020

Publisher: Portland Community College

Language: English

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Reviewed by Chris Thomas, Associate Professor and Program Head, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College on 3/24/22

The book does an excellent job providing a general survey of the 19th and 20th century. Nothing seemed overly detailed, and nothing important was left out. This is just the right level of details for a survey course. Current textbooks tend to... read more

Reviewed by Mattie Fitch, Assistant Professor of History, Marymount University on 7/20/20

I will be using this textbook for my Western Civilizations II course and I am very grateful to the author for writing it and making it available as an OER. It covers well all of the topics and concepts I will discuss in this broad course and it... read more

Reviewed by June Morris, Instructor, Linn-Benton Community College on 6/30/20

Every major topic is covered with great attention paid to a select number of examples that help connect the narrative to the previous chapter and provide strong context to the following chapters. There is enough detail to be thorough, without... read more

Reviewed by Jim Rogers, Professor of History, Louisiana State University of Alexandria on 4/26/20

Brooks does an excellent job in comprehesiveness, delicately walking the fine line between too much and too little content. Some texts try to be more comprehensive, and thus lose any sense of orientation of the text. Students in particular seem... read more

Reviewed by Richard Schiavoni, Adjunct Professor of History and Political Science, Point Park University on 9/16/19

As a concise 270 page history of Western Civilization, there are expected limitations to this work but overall it provides a relatively complete history of the 19th and 20th centuries. Later chapters, especially the ones dealing with the Cold War... read more

Reviewed by Ry Marcattilio-McCracken, Adjunct Professor, History, Southwest Minnesota State University on 6/26/19

There is no denying that this is a short treatment of Western Civilization from Napoleon to the present. At only 269 pages, it means a lot gets left out. However, this could be a boon to teachers as well. With no cost for this text, it means they... read more

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Napoleon
  • Chapter 2: The Industrial Revolution
  • Chapter 3: Political Ideologies and Movements
  • Chapter 4: The Politics of the Nineteenth Century
  • Chapter 5: Culture, Science, and Pseudo-Science
  • Chapter 6: Imperialism
  • Chapter 7: World War I
  • Chapter 8: The Early Twentieth Century
  • Chapter 9: Fascism
  • Chapter 10: World War II
  • Chapter 11: The Holocaust
  • Chapter 12: The Soviet Union and the Cold War
  • Chapter 13: Postwar Conflict
  • Chapter 14: Postwar Society
  • Chapter 15: Toward the Present

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  • About the Book

    Western Civilization: A Concise History is an Open Educational Resource textbook covering the history of Western Civilization from approximately 8,000 BCE to 2017 CE. It is available in three volumes covering the following time periods and topics:

    • Volume 1: from the origins of civilization in Mesopotamia c. 8,000 BCE through the early Middle Ages in Europe c. 1,000 CE. Volume 1 covers topics including Mesopotamia,Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, the Islamic caliphates, and the early European Middle Ages.
    • Volume 2: from the early Middle Ages to the French Revolution in 1789 CE. Volume 2covers topics including the High Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the European conquest of the Americas, the Reformation, the Scientific Revolution, and the Enlightenment.
    • Volume 3: from the Napoleonic era to the recent past. Volume 3 covers topics including the Industrial Revolution, the politics of Europe in the nineteenth century, modern European imperialism, the world wars, fascism, Nazism, and the Holocaust, the postwar era, the Cold War, and recent developments in economics and politics.

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