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Principles of Management

(9 reviews)

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Copyright Year: 2019

ISBN 13: 9780998625775

Publisher: OpenStax

Language: English

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Reviewed by Melissa Polen, Instructor, Rogue Community College on 11/9/23

I thought this book offered a great overview of management. There was a good chapter on the history of management and how practices have evolved. I found this very interesting and helps students see patterns of management from years ago. read more

Reviewed by BAnn Dittmar, Instructor, Clarke University on 12/14/22

This text covers all of the relevant and appropriate management topics that other Principles of Management texts cover. read more

Reviewed by Martha Lovett, Lecturer II, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on 12/17/21

This book is very detailed and covers most of the essentials in every principle of the management discipline. I specially noted the detailed vocabulary and conceptualized content. read more

Reviewed by Leslie Jackson, Associate Professor, Drake University on 12/11/21

The OpenStax version of Principles of Management addresses a range of areas that managers in a variety of settings and industry are likely to face. While it is focused on business, the information in this text are appropriate to healthcare... read more

Reviewed by Lori Duus, Instructor, Midlands Technical College on 4/29/21

The text is comprehensive, all relevant subjects are covered thoroughly. There is no specific index or glossary, however the entire text is searchable in the e-book and definitions are provided. read more

Reviewed by Norman Thomas, Professor, California State University, Dominguez Hills on 7/18/20

The Principles of Management text is very comprehensive compared to the McGraw Hill textbook Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World 12 ed. As I compare the chapters it has all the topics that I teach in my Principles of... read more

Reviewed by Ashli Ree, Professor, Middlesex Community College on 5/30/20

At first, eighteen chapters may appear overwhelming to cover in one semester. After reviewing the chapters and topics though, this would provide an opportunity to cover different chapters as needed. I have read other management textbooks in a... read more

Reviewed by Steve Custer, Associate Professor, Oakland City University on 3/28/20

The Principles of Management text is very comprehensive in that it covers a wide ranging amount of material. Actually, I was quite impressed with the depth provided to each content area. The terms and assorted exercises at the end of each... read more

Reviewed by Regina Schinker, Director of Instructional Development , Trine University on 6/1/19

True to the nature of OER, I was searching for material on managerial decision-making and I primarily focused on Chapters 1 - 3 of this textbook (with special attention to Chapter 2). Chapter 2 is quite comprehensive on the topic of managerial... read more

Table of Contents

  • 1. Managing and Performing
  • 2. Managerial Decision-Making
  • 3. The History of Management
  • 4. External and Internal Organizational Environments and Corporate Culture
  • 5. Ethics, Corporate Responsibility, and Sustainability
  • 6. International Management
  • 7. Entrepreneurship
  • 8. Strategic Analysis: Understanding a Firm's Competitive Environment
  • 9. The Strategic Management Process: Achieving and Sustaining Competitive Advantage
  • 10. Organizational Structure and Change
  • 11. Human Resource Management
  • 12. Diversity in Organizations
  • 13. Leadership
  • 14. Work Motivation for Performance
  • 15. Managing Teams
  • 16. Managerial Communication
  • 17. Organizational Planning and Controlling
  • 18. Management of Technology and Innovation

Ancillary Material

  • OpenStax
  • About the Book

    Principles of Management is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of the introductory course on management. This is a traditional approach to management using the leading, planning, organizing, and controlling approach. Management is a broad business discipline, and the Principles of Management course covers many management areas such as human resource management and strategic management, as well behavioral areas such as motivation. No one individual can be an expert in all areas of management, so an additional benefit of this text is that specialists in a variety of areas have authored individual chapters.

    About the Contributors


    David S. Bright, Wright State University
    Anastasia H. Cortes, Virginia Tech University
    Eva Hartmann, University of Richmond
    K. Praveen Parboteeah, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
    Jon L. Pierce, University of Minnesota-Duluth
    Monique Reece
    Amit Shah, Frostburg State University
    Siri Terjesen, American University
    Joseph Weiss, Bentley University
    Margaret A. White, Oklahoma State University
    Donald G. Gardner, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
    Jason Lambert, Texas Woman’s University
    Laura M. Leduc, James Madison University
    Joy Leopold, Webster University
    Jeffrey Muldoon, Emporia State University
    James S. O’Rourke, University of Notre Dame

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