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    British Literature II: Romantic Era to the Twentieth Century and Beyond

    (13 reviews)

    Bonnie J. Robinson

    Copyright Year: 2018

    ISBN 13: 9781940771113

    Publisher: University of North Georgia Press

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Ryan Fong, Associate Professor of English, Kalamazoo College on 5/15/23

    I reviewed this textbook as I began thinking about which text to assign for my upcoming course on nineteenth century British literature. I have used the Norton and Broadview anthologies in the past, and I really wanted to find one that was open... read more

    Reviewed by Veronica Goosey, Associate Professor, Garden City Community College on 12/9/22

    The text includes selections from the expected canonical writers, and also includes several significant women writers from the periods. Unfortunately, there are only 2 writers of color represented, both in the modern/contemporary section, and no... read more

    Reviewed by Nancy Taylor, Senior Instructor, Radford University on 8/5/22

    I have used this text in a survey course for two semesters and though I supplemented our course readings with other free, online sources to fill gaps that were missing diversity, students found British Literature II: Romantic Era to the Twentieth... read more

    Reviewed by Henna Messina, Assistant Professor of English, Eastern New Mexico University on 12/29/21

    British Literature II: Romantic Era to the Twentieth Century and Beyond presents an outdated and limited conception of British literature. Most glaringly, it neglects to include any Black writers (such as Olaudah Equiano, Ottabah Cug0ano, Mary... read more

    Reviewed by Emilee Howland, Senior Lecturer, University of Wisconsin - Superior on 9/20/21

    Anthology creators become part of the formation of canon, willingly or not, and as such the decisions they make carry a heavy burden. This text relies on a lot of white male authors to fill the various literary eras. Students and instructors want... read more

    Reviewed by Sarah Ficke, Associate Professor, Marymount University on 5/21/21

    This text covers what I would consider the traditional canon of British writers of the Romantic, Victorian, and Modern periods. However, that canon is very outdated. The authors represented in this text are overwhelmingly white and male, which... read more

    Reviewed by Danielle Price, Assistant Professor, James Madison University on 2/27/21

    No perfect anthology for the British literature survey course exists. For English majors, I have used the Longman Anthology of British Literature (Volumes 2A -2C) as well as The Broadview Anthology of British Literature (From 1945 to the... read more

    Reviewed by Nicole Lobdell, Assistant Professor of English, DePauw University on 1/7/21

    I've used both Norton and Broadview anthologies to teach the British Literature II survey course (Romantics to Present) and I really wanted to like this anthology so that I could offer students a free alternative. However, after reviewing the... read more

    Reviewed by Matthew Davis, Assistant Professor, General Faculty, University of Virginia on 12/13/20

    All of the major authors I would expect to see are included. There are quite a few women authors included (e.g., A. L. Barbauld, C. Smith, E. Bronte, C, Rossetti, E. B. Browning, G. Eliot, V. Woolf). However, there are many fewer selections for... read more

    Reviewed by John Lynch, Adjunct Professor Communications/English, Worcester State University on 5/26/20

    I just got through a semester using the Broadview Anthology of British Literature Concise, Volume B, Second Edition. This book was expensive for students. Robinson's text has the same material I used during the semester. read more

    Reviewed by Scott Banville, Associate Professor, Nicholls State University on 4/29/19

    For an anthology of British Literature it isn't very comprehensive. Even within the canonical authors the selections are slim and at times a bit bewildering. None of the poetry or prose sections have any footnotes that would help student readers... read more

    Reviewed by Kathleen Chamberlain, Professor, Department of English, Emory and Henry College on 3/26/19

    The text covers canonical main authors of the periods, but the scope of the volume means that even canonical coverage is necessarily sketchy. The "Twentieth Century and Beyond" is particularly thin, especially after the Modern period, when the... read more

    Reviewed by Lexey Bartlett, Associate Professor, Fort Hays State University on 11/30/18

    Comprehensiveness is the main difficulty with this text, partly because of copyright restrictions, but also because of the scope of this kind of undertaking. As I noted in another section of this review, "The structure of the sections is... read more

    Table of Contents

    Part 1: The Romantic Era

    • 1.1 Romanticism in Literature
    • 1.2 Historical Context
    • 1.3 Recommended Reading
    • 1.4 Anna Laetitia Barbauld
    • 1.5 Charlotte Smith
    • 1.6 William Blake
    • 1.7 William Wordsworth
    • 1.8 Dorothy Wordsworth
    • 1.9 Samuel Taylor Coleridge
    • 1.10 George Gordon, Lord Byron
    • 1.11 Perey Bysshe Shelley
    • 1.12 Felicia Dorothea Hemans
    • 1.13 John Keats
    • 1.14 Mary Shelley

    Part 2: The Victorian Age

    • 2.1 The Victorian Movement in Literature
    • 2.2 Historical Context
    • 2.3 Recommended Reading
    • 2.4 Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    • 2.5 Alfred, Lord Tennyson
    • 2.6 Robert Browning
    • 2.7 Emily Bronte
    • 2.8 George Eliot
    • 2.9 Matthew Arnold
    • 2.10 Charles Dickens
    • 2.11 Dante Gabriel Rossetti
    • 2.12 Christina Rossetti
    • 2.13 William Morris
    • 2.14 Gerard Manley Hopkins
    • 2.15 Oscar Wilde
    • 2.16 Rudyard Kipling

    Part 3: The Twentieth Century and Beyond

    • 3.1 Modernism and Postmodernism as Literary Movements
    • 3.2 Historical Context
    • 3.3. Recommended Reading
    • 3.4 Joseph Conrad
    • 3.5 William Butler Yeats
    • 3.6 Virginia Woolf
    • 3.7 James Joyce
    • 3.8 D. H. Lawrence
    • 3.9 T.S. Eliot
    • 3.10 Stevie Smith
    • 3.11 Samuel Beckett
    • 3.12 Doris Lessing
    • 3.13 Fleur Adcock
    • 3.14 Anita Desai
    • 3.15 Seamus Heaney
    • 3.16 Salman Rushdie

    Ancillary Material

    • Ancillary materials are available by contacting the author or publisher.
    • About the Book

      The University of North Georgia Press and Affordable Learning Georgia bring you British Literature II: Romantic Era to the Twentieth Century and Beyond.

      Featuring 37 authors and full texts of their works, the selections in this open anthology represent the literature developed within and developing through their respective eras. This completely-open anthology will connect students to the conversation of literature that has captivated readers in the past and still holds us now.


      • Contextualizing introductions to the Romantic era; the Victorian era; and the Twentieth Century and beyond
      • Over 90 historical images
      • In-depth biographies of each author
      • Instructional Design features, including Reading and Review Questions

      This textbook is an Open Educational Resource. It can be reused, remixed, and reedited freely without seeking permission.

      About the Contributors


      Bonnie J. Robinson, Ph.D., University of North Georgia

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