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Blueprint for Success in College and Career

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Dave Dillon, Grossmont College, El Cajon, CA

Copyright Year: 2018

ISBN 13: 9781989014042

Publisher: Rebus Community

Language: English

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Reviewed by Kristine Kotecki, Assistant Professor, Hawaii Community College on 12/6/22

The book covers an impressive range of topics relevant to college preparation and/or first-year experience courses. I currently teach a 100-level course with a “first-year experience,” which means I add in first-year content in addition to the... read more

Reviewed by Jessica Morrow, Instructor, Clatsop Community College on 11/14/22

Easy to read and understand for basic and advanced readers. read more

Reviewed by Page Fetter, Assistant Director for University Studies and Scholarship Support (FYE Instructor), Virginia Tech on 12/30/21

This text highlights various areas of the college experience from choosing an education path to utilizing resources. There is a variety of topics covered throughout, with many different contributors and perspectives. This text does well at... read more

Reviewed by Jeff Boehl, College Skills Instructor, Aiken Technical College on 5/12/21

It's thorough yet simplified for use with underprepared college students. It is easy to navigate and works exceptionally well to supplemental the various aspects of my course. read more

Reviewed by Crystal Edwards, Student Success Coach, Aiken Technical College on 5/10/21

Include topics on communication, healthy financial choices, and overall student success. read more

Reviewed by Katherine Kysar, Adjunct Faculty, University of Alaska Anchorage on 1/5/21, updated 1/10/21

It covers every topic needed for my Preparing for College & Student Success Course. The added plus of embedded videos within the chapters adds interest and promotes student engagement. read more

Reviewed by Marva Solomon, Instructor, Lane Community College on 7/23/20

This book is a great tool for all first year students. This book is comprehensive. High school students and college students should have no problems comprehending the content of this book. The easy to read chapters are many,(62 in total.) Each... read more

Reviewed by Annette d'Autremont, College Success and Career Guidance Part-Time Faculty, Portland Community College on 6/22/20

This text covers all of the topics I have in my Study Skills course. The text also is very much the equivalent to the textbook I used for my class, in terms of concepts and ideas! It is great that there is an open resource for students to use, as... read more

Reviewed by Sheriann Stanton, Adjunct Faculty, Berkshire Community College on 6/19/20

This Open Education Resource touches on several topics in higher education accurately. It is well thought out and has a comprehensive glossary that lasts for twenty five pages. It appears that the authors put a lot of effort into this publication.... read more

Reviewed by Dina El Musa, Faculty, Valencia College on 6/2/20

I found this book to be quite comprehensive. It is divided into 11 units and subdivided into 62 chapters. Most topics covered in my course can be in found in this text along with relevant examples, videos, and pictures. read more

Reviewed by Francisco Perez, New Student Experience Professor, Valencia College on 6/1/20

This books touches on a wide-ranging list of topics that address concepts covered in the course I teach. From purpose (in the text it is referred as Passion), college success skills/strategies, diversity, career exploration, and finances are a... read more

Reviewed by Kelsey Freeman, Native American College Prep Program Coordinator, Central Oregon Community College on 5/26/20

This textbook almost has too much information and seems overly comprehensive with not enough interactive pieces and too much advice from professionals long out of college, rather than students themselves. With 61 short chapters, it seems like... read more

Reviewed by Angela Greaud, Associate Professor, LSUE on 4/30/20

The book covers a broad area of college readiness. In some ways it may be too comprehensive. Some of the material might be better suited for a high school college/career readiness course (Unit 1). Some chapters could have been developed more... read more

Reviewed by Leslie Jennings, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Arlington on 3/1/20

This is a lengthy book (61 chapters) that is divided into manageable units that cover a variety of applicable topics for new college students. It is a compilation work and provides a helpful index. read more

Reviewed by Adam Karnes, Adjunct Professor, Linn-Benton Community College on 1/15/20

The book is massive at sixty-one chapters. This makes it a versatile resource for all students, but most particularly those thinking about college or just starting college. read more

Reviewed by Karen Acquilano, Faculty: First Year Experience, Linn-Benton Community College on 1/9/20

Reading this textbook from the perspective of a student, I found it to be overly comprehensive. I have just spend 3 hours reading and have just been listening to other people talking and telling me what college is, what I should think about... read more

Reviewed by Terianne Brown, Lecturer, Hawaii Community Colleges on 1/1/20

Blueprint for Success In College and Career contains extensive information. Sections covered include: College Decision, Self-Management, College Skills and Career Exploration to name a few. The back matter provides an appendix with the videos... read more

Reviewed by Michelle Blank, Director, Academic Support, Trine University on 5/16/19

As this text is a derivative from a variety of sources, it is indeed comprehensive. Both a glossary and an index are included. read more

Reviewed by Yen Dao, Director of Student Success Services, Augustana College on 5/9/19

There are some concepts in similar textbooks that were not included in the chapters. However, there were many concepts in this book that were thoroughly discussed that I hadn't seen in similar textbooks. read more

Reviewed by Brenda Williams, Faculty , Lane Community College on 4/18/19

This textbook covers all area important for academic success in college. I valued there was an index of what videos were used during each chapter and the list of recommended readings. read more

Reviewed by Heidi Croatt, Faculty and First Year Experience Coordinator, Minnesota State on 3/20/19

I appreciate how many topic areas are covered in this text. It is broken up into many chapters, but that makes the content areas easy to navigate. The titles of each chapter would be intriguing for students and I think it would help students get... read more

Reviewed by Cybele Higgins, ESL Faculty, Lane Community College on 1/6/19

Blueprint for Success in College and Career provides useful, comprehensive information for success in college and career; related and motivating videos, such as TED Talks; student activities for connecting with prior knowledge and application of... read more

Reviewed by Carla Warner, Director/ Adult, Commuter & Transfer Services and Adjunct Assistant Professor for the School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach , East Tennessee State University on 11/1/18

This is a 275 page brook with 61 chapters divided into 11 units. The authors deal with topics spanning from "choosing a college" to "student success strategies" to "critical thinking" ,"health & wellness" and diversity. This is a... read more

Table of Contents

Unit 1 Launch

  • Chapter 1: Passion
  • Chapter 2: What's College For?
  • Chapter 3: Words of Wisdom: The Student Experience
  • Chapter 4: Choosing A College To Attend
  • Chapter 5: Words of Wisdom: Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Chapter 6: Evolution To College: Becoming A College Student
  • Chapter 7: Speaking The Language of College
  • Chapter 8: Words of Wisdom: Why So Many Questions?
  • Chapter 9: Planning A College Schedule
  • Chapter 10: Navigating The College Website
  • Chapter 11: Words of Wisdom: These Are the Best Years of Your Life
  • Chapter 12: Assessment Testing
  • Chapter 13: Words of Wisdom: With a Little Help from My Friends

Unit 2: Time, Tools, and Study Environment

  • Chapter 14: Time Management Theory
  • Chapter 15: Words of Wisdom: Time Is on Your Side
  • Chapter 16: Time Management Reality
  • Chapter 17: World View and Self-Efficacy
  • Chapter 18: Procrastination
  • Chapter 19: Words of Wisdom: Can You Listen to Yourself?
  • Chapter 20: The Basics of Study Skills

Unit 3: College Level Critical Thinking and Reading

  • Chapter 21: Words of Wisdom: Thinking Critically and Creatively
  • Chapter 22: Comprehending College Level Reading by Using the Reading Apprenticeship Approach
  • Chapter 23: Getting the Most Out of Your Textbooks
  • Chapter 24: Reading Textbooks
  • Chapter 25: Context Clues and Close Reading for Literature

Unit 4: Listening and Note-Taking

  • Chapter 26: Preparation for Note-Taking
  • Chapter 27: Taking Notes in Class

Unit 5: Memory Principles and Techniques

  • Chapter 28: Memory
  • Chapter 29: Concentration and Distraction

Unit 6: Test-Taking Strategies

  • Chapter 30: Pre- Mid- and Post-Test-Taking Strategies
  • Chapter 31: Test-Taking Strategy Specifics

Unit 7: Career Exploration

  • Chapter 32: Words of Wisdom: Learn What You Don't Want
  • Chapter 33: The Big Picture
  • Chapter 34: Career Paths
  • Chapter 35: Words of Wisdom: What Do You Enjoy Studying?
  • Chapter 36: College Majors
  • Chapter 37: Professional Skill Building
  • Chapter 38: Career Development
  • Chapter 39: Words of Wisdom: Transferable
  • Chapter 40: Networking
  • Chapter 41: Words of Wisdom: It's Like Online Dating
  • Chapter 42: Résumés and Cover Letters
  • Chapter 43: Interviewing

Unit 8: Social Interaction and Diversity

  • Chapter 44: Socializing
  • Chapter 45: Words of Wisdom: Fighting for My Future Now
  • Chapter 46: Diversity and Accessibility
  • Chapter 47: Campus and Student Life

Unit 9: Health

  • Chapter 48: Nutrition
  • Chapter 49: Exercise
  • Chapter 50: Sleep
  • Chapter 51: Substance Abuse
  • Chapter 52: Stress
  • Chapter 53: Mental Health
  • Chapter 54: Words of Wisdom: Failure Is Not an Option
  • Chapter 55: Sexual Health
  • Chapter 56: Safety

Unit 10: Finances and Resources

  • Chapter 57: Words of Wisdom: Something Was Different
  • Chapter 58: Beyond Tuition: Understanding College Expenses
  • Chapter 59: Hidden Money: Scholarships
  • Chapter 60: College Resources

Unit 11: Conclusion

  • Chapter 61: Conclusion

Ancillary Material

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  • About the Book

    Blueprint for Success in College and Career is a remix of four previously existing OER (Open Educational Resources): A Different Road To College: A Guide For Transitioning To College For Non-traditional Students by Alise Lamoreaux, How to Learn Like a Pro! by Phyllis Nissila, Foundations of Academic Success: Words of Wisdom, edited by Thomas Priester, College Success, provided by Lumen Learning, and one previously copyrighted textbook with content that is now openly licensed: Blueprint for Success in College: Indispensable Study Skills and Time Management Strategies by Dave Dillon. A free OER, (Open Educational Resource), Blueprint for Success in College and Career is a students' guide for classroom and career success. This text, designed to show how to be successful in college and in career preparation focuses on study skills, time management, career exploration, health, and financial literacy.

    About the Contributors


    Dave Dillon earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of California at Santa Cruz and a master’s degree in counseling from the University of San Diego. His first career and passion was coaching basketball which he did for seven years at the University of California at San Diego. Following a year of substitute teaching (K-12), four years working in the entertainment department for the San Diego Padres major league baseball organization, and a year as a product analyst in the video game industry, Dave continued to pursue his passion of counseling and teaching at the community college level.As a tenured professor and counseling faculty at Grossmont College, Dave enjoys connecting with students. He does his best to keep up with the next generation and their use of technology in and out of the classroom. His passion has not ceased from his UCSC commencement speech to presenting at local and national conferences. Dave resides in Carlsbad, California, with his wife, two daughters, and yellow labrador, Lucy.

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