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Introduction to Environmental Science - 2nd Edition

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Caralyn Zehnder

Kalina Manoylov

Samuel Mutiti

Christine Mutiti

Allison VandeVoort

Donna Bennett

Copyright Year: 2018

Publisher: University System of Georgia

Language: English

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Reviewed by Matthew Eick, Professor of Environmental Soil Chemistry and Environmental Science, Virginia Tech on 5/17/22

Overall the book is well written and the topics covered are covered adequately for an introduction environmental science class. However, I would like to see the topics covered in the introductory chapter expanded upon and be individual chapters. ... read more

Reviewed by Jill DeVito, Associate Professor of Instruction, Biology Department, University of Texas at Arlington on 5/23/21

Unfortunately, this book does not cover the more interesting (interdisciplinary, applied) environmental topics (environmental economics, environmental careers, legislation and legal issues, etc.). Another topic that I would like to see included... read more

Reviewed by Laurie DeRose, Assistant Professor of Sociology, The Catholic University of America on 12/29/20

The text provides many definitions, but they are not compiled in a glossary. read more

Reviewed by Engil Pereira, Assistant Professor, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on 11/13/20

While, this book covers common topics suitable for environmental instruction of Introduction to Environmental Sciences, the comprehensiveness of the book would increase by adding chapters on: Agriculture, Economics, Biogeochemistry, as well as... read more

Reviewed by Steve Frysinger, Professor, James Madison University on 7/1/20

Environmental Science is the study of human interaction with the natural world, and therefore incorporates knowledge from both the natural and the social sciences. But this text takes a narrower definition. They first say that “environment... read more

Reviewed by Emily Nocito, Graduate Student, University of Colorado Boulder on 6/11/20

I view this as an introduction to the introduction of environmental science. It provides some of the bare basics, but overall is lacking. Little attention is paid to land-use change, biodiversity of the environment, oceans, and many more. The... read more

Reviewed by Anita Walz, Associate Professor, Marshall University on 4/17/20

Only a limited number of the subjects that are part of environmental science are covered. The chapters focus mostly on energy production and resulting effect on the climate. Missing are for example agriculture, environmental toxicology, waste... read more

Reviewed by Sarah Surber, Assistant Professor, Marshall University on 2/18/20

The book covers a large section of environmental science, which is helpful for an introductory course. However, the topics are not covered in-depth enough to convey the information. There is no glossary, although key words are provided in bold in... read more

Reviewed by Shamim Ahsan, Professor, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 5/20/19

Too compact with content. does not cover various important environment related issues. Content should compatible to other text book in the market place. one of major element soil was completely ignored. Scientific steps could elaborate to peer... read more

Reviewed by Leslie Straker, Senior Lecturer, Longwood University on 4/11/19

The textbook did not provide any glossary or index. It however, provided a list of key terms at the end of every chapter that were often defined in the chapters themselves. A good introductory environmental textbook should address environmental... read more

Reviewed by Irene Hawkins, Adjunct Professor, Gettysburg College on 3/9/19

The book touched on many of the topics in Environmental Science, but some of them were very superficial. For example, there is little on the topic of environmental health and toxicity, other than a quick discussion of the Precautionary Principle.... read more

Reviewed by Rutherford Platt, Professor, Gettysburg College on 3/1/19

The book has many standard topics in Environmental Science, but is missing or gives cursory attention to agriculture, biodiversity, and conservation. Also, the book includes only cursory discussion of human livelihoods across the word, which are... read more

Reviewed by Simeng Li, Instructor, Florida State University on 11/5/18

As a book that introduces Environment Science to readers that have little prior knowledge in this subject, this book has successfully covered most important areas of Environment Science, including some core concepts and definitions in this... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Population Ecology
  • Chapter 3: Human Demography
  • Chapter 4: Non-Renewable Energy
  • Chapter 5: Alternative Energy
  • Chapter 6: Air Pollution
  • Chapter 7: Climate Change
  • Chapter 8: Water

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  • About the Book

    This course uses the basic principles of biology and earth science as a context for understanding environmental policies and resource management practices. Our planet is facing unprecedented environmental challenges, from oil spills to global climate change. In ENSC 1000, you will learn about the science behind these problems; preparing you to make an informed, invaluable contribution to Earth's future. I hope that each of you is engaged by the material presented and participates fully in the search for, acquisition of, and sharing of information within our class.

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    Caralyn Zehnder, Georgia College and State University

    Kalina Manoylov, Georgia College and State University

    Samuel Mutiti, Georgia College and State University

    Christine Mutiti, Georgia College and State University

    Allison VandeVoort, Georgia College and State University

    Donna Bennett, Georgia College and State University

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