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    BC Reads: Adult Literacy Fundamental English Course Pack 5

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    Shantel Ivits, Vancouver Community College

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    Language: English

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    Reviewed by TRICIA UNRATH, ABSE Faculty, Lane Community College on 12/15/23

    This course provides lessons, stories, graphic organizers, writing checklists, and a scope and sequence. read more

    Reviewed by kenya zappa, ESOL Instructor, Portland Community College on 6/23/20

    The Contents makes everything from the introduction to the instructor, to the readings/exercises, and to the appendices very accessible. There are 9 readings, each between 500-800 words aimed at grades 6-7.5 in the Canadian K-12 system. Each... read more

    Reviewed by Amy Cameron, Associate Professor, Northern Essex Community College on 5/29/20

    Overall this is a very comprehensive literacy text for adult basic ed . The index and scope and sequence are clear and provide enough details for navigation of content. The graphic organizers for writing are excellent, but it would be helpful to... read more

    Reviewed by Elizabeth Armstrong, Lecturer, MOBIUS on 1/14/19

    Overall, the scope of the course pack is very good. There are a few areas of content that seem incomplete, however. While the author generally explains reading skills very well, the course pack does not always directly allow students to check... read more

    Reviewed by Ted Taylor, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Lehman College, CUNY on 6/19/18

    The book covers literacy issues normally addressed in freshman year of high school. However, I can attest that addressing an issue is not the same as resolving it, witness my own classes of college freshmen. I certainly have had students who need... read more

    Table of Contents

    • The Most Amazing Structure on Earth
    • The Many Faces of Genius
    • The Many Pathways to Knowledge
    • Boost Your Brainpower
    • Memory Magic
    • Put to the Test
    • The Sixth Sense: Intuition
    • The Big Five: Personality
    • Secrets of a Happy Brain

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    About the Book

    This course pack is designed to meet the learning outcomes for Adult Literacy Fundamental English Level 5 (roughly equivalent to grades 6 to 7.5 in the K-12 system). Every chapter includes a level-appropriate, high-interest reading of between 500 and 800 words. The readings are freely available in a separate reader with convenient links to the readings in each chapter of this course pack. Font size and line spacing can be adjusted in the online view, and have been enhanced for the print and PDF versions for easier reading. This course pack has been reviewed by subject experts from colleges and universities.

    About the Contributors


    Shantel Ivits is an instructor in the Basic Education Department at Vancouver Community College, on the unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations.

    Shantel has designed curricula for the National Film Board of Canada, the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, and many community-based projects.

    Over the past decade, they have taught in literacy programs, university bridging programs, an ESL academy, and K-12 public schools.

    They hold a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Trent University, as well as a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Arts in Educational Studies from the University of British Columbia.

    Shantel identifies as a queer and trans person with white settler privilege. Their goal as an educator is to help people build their capacity to reach their goals and create more socially just communities.

    Shantel also enjoys raising awareness that “they” can be used as a singular pronoun!

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