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    Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality in BC

    (6 reviews)

    Morgan Westcott, LinkBC

    Geoffrey Bird, Royal Roads University

    Peter Briscoe, Vancouver Island University

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    Last Update: 2020

    Publisher: BCcampus

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Anita Zatori, Associate Professor, Radford University on 11/12/23

    Overall, the textbook is well-written and it provides an effective glossary. Despite its few limitations in respect of the covered topics (discussed below), it represents a great source for teaching and researching academicians and undergraduate... read more

    Reviewed by Jangwoo Jo, Assistant Professor, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 3/22/23

    The textbook covers a wide range of topics, from industry overviews to accommodations, food and beverage, recreation and entertainment, transportation, and travel services. This broad coverage ensures that readers gain a holistic understanding of... read more

    Reviewed by Krista Marvel, Tourism and Hospitality Lecturer, University of Southern Maine on 2/21/21

    This high-quality text serves as an excellent introduction to the BC tourism industry. It covers a wide variety of topics related to hospitality, travel, and tourism. I found the chapter on Indigenous Tourism to be particularly interesting. read more

    Reviewed by Daniel Bowan, Assistant Professor, Colorado State University - Pueblo on 12/23/19

    The book did a good job of tackling a rather broad subject with comprehensiveness. read more

    Reviewed by Linda Oakleaf, Assistant Professor, Missouri Western State University on 5/21/18

    This serves as a comprehensive view of tourism in British Columbia. Along the way, the text can serve as a solid introduction to tourism concepts more generally (e.g., what is tourism, travel and transport, hospitality services, marketing, etc.)... read more

    Reviewed by Mark Beattie, Clinacl Assistant Professor, Washington State University on 6/20/17

    The text offers a wide variety of topics for an introductory course. Some chapters I found to be quite unique such as: Aboriginal Tourism and Environmental Stewardship. Excellent additions to a survey course! While the text is intended to be... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1. History and Overview
    • Chapter 2. Transportation
    • Chapter 3. Accommodation
    • Chapter 4. Food and Beverage Services
    • Chapter 5. Recreation
    • Chapter 6. Entertainment
    • Chapter 7. Travel Services
    • Chapter 8. Services Marketing
    • Chapter 9. Customer Service
    • Chapter 10. Environmental Stewardship
    • Chapter 11. Risk Management and Legal Liability
    • Chapter 12. Aboriginal Tourism
    • Chapter 13. Careers and Work Experience
    • Chapter 14. Back to the Big Picture: Globalization and Trends

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    About the Book

    This textbook is an introduction to the tourism and hospitality industry in British Columbia, and is written with a first year college and university audience in mind. It is a collaborative work with input from educators, industry leaders, employers, and past graduates of BC's tourism and hospitality management programs. All chapters have been reviewed by experts in the field.

    Each chapter is organized thematically moving from a global, then national and finally provincial context. Some chapters are quite global in focus while others concentrate primarily on British Columbia. Chapter content is based on available data and research, and input from collaborators.

    Each chapter features “Spotlight On” text boxes that highlight an organization, business, or other key component of the chapter's theme. “Take a Closer Look” features encourage students to do further reading on particular subjects.

    At the end of each chapter, key terms are presented in alphabetical order to help students gain confidence with terminology. These are followed by chapter exercises and a case study for in-depth exploration of the subject matter. Key terms are summarized in a Glossary at the end of the textbook.

    About the Contributors


    Morgan Westcott served as project manager and lead author for this textbook and is responsible for Chapters 1, 2, and 7. A graduate of the BCIT tourism marketing program, Morgan holds a B.A. in English, an M.A. in tourism management. She has management-level experience in cultural tourism, food and beverage operations, and special events.

    Morgan is the general manager for LinkBC: the tourism and hospitality education network. She oversees operations, staff, and strategic direction and ensures delivery of signature events including the Student Case Competition and Student-Industry Rendezvous.

    Morgan has been an instructor at Capilano University and Royal Roads University and has served as an author on the revised British Columbia Tourism 11 and 12 curriculum. She lives in East Vancouver with her husband, Matt; daughter, Fraser; and son, Douglas.

    Geoffrey Bird is associate professor of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management and the program head for the Master of Arts in Tourism Management at Royal Roads University. His research interests include heritage tourism, remembrance tourism, community development, poverty alleviation, sustainable tourism, cultural landscapes, tourism HRD policy and practice, and the visitor experience. Geoff has worked on three CIDA-funded tourism training projects in Vietnam and Malaysia. While living in Kuala Lumpur, he was president of the Malaysia Canada Business Council.

    Prior to working at Royal Roads, Geoff spent seven years with the Ministry of Advanced Education coordinating the public postsecondary tourism and hospitality programs. He managed the international implementation of the SuperHost programs at Tourism British Columbia and American Express as well as operating his own tour business. He also served as convenor of the tourism management diploma and degree programs at Capilano University for seven years. He has a Ph.D. from the University of Brighton where he studied the relationship between battlefield tourism and remembrance. He also holds an M.Sc. in training from the University of Leicester, where he studied tourism education policy and planning. His B.A. Honours degree in international development, with a minor in French literature, is from the University of Guelph

    When not immersed in the world of tourism and education, Geoff’s leisure repertoire includes kayaking and skiing. He continues to enjoy the opportunity to travel for pleasure and for research purposes, particularly in North America, Europe, and Vietnam.

    Peter Briscoe has taught hospitality, tourism, and event management at the postsecondary level for over two decades, with faculty appointments at Okanagan University College, College of New Caledonia, Thompson Rivers University, and Vancouver Island University, where he is currently the chair of the bachelor of hospitality management program and the wine business program. He holds a master’s of business administration degree from Southern Cross University, specializing in hotel and tourism management, and he is an approved tutor for the Wine and Spirit Educational Trust. His research interests have led him to international destinations in North America, Europe, and the Pacific. He is particularly interested in food, wine, and events and their role in shaping cultures and societies, and the continually changing nature of the hospitality experience.

    Previous to working in academia, Peter held various management positions in hotels and food service organizations. His passion is people and their success, and he prides himself in expecting the best from both himself and others. He currently resides on Gabriola Island with his wife Lynda, where they enjoy time with friends and family, particularly their grandchildren.

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