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    Introductory Business Statistics with Interactive Spreadsheets - 1st Canadian Edition

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    Mohammad Mahbobi, Thompson Rivers University

    Thomas K. Tiemann, Elon University

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    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Amro El-Adle, Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech on 12/30/21

    Each of the chapters presented is clear, captures a good depth of information for this level, and does provide a good number of real-world examples which come to life via the interactive Excel sheets. Overall this is great. One component of the... read more

    Reviewed by Shuting Wang, Teaching Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University on 6/1/21

    The textbook has an index, but doesn't have a glossary. The important concepts are bolded in each chapter, I feel it should add a glossary to add its value. It covers all the basic areas that I would like to cover in an intro business statistics... read more

    Reviewed by Micheline Al Harrack, Continuing Instructor, Marymount University on 2/1/21

    This 2015 version of the textbook includes an index but is missing a glossary. The textbook starts with Descriptive Statistics and Frequency Distributions in Chapter 1 and ends with Regression Basics in Chapter 8, and covering hypothesis testing,... read more

    Reviewed by Jed Utsinger, Instructor, Ohio University Regional Higher Education on 2/1/18

    This textbook has an index. However, since this was an adaption of an early textbook, one would expect improvements in providing the student with both an index and a glossary. This did not happen. The textbook has obviously been written for a... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1. Descriptive Statistics and Frequency Distributions
    • Chapter 2. The Normal and t-Distributions
    • Chapter 3. Making Estimates
    • Chapter 4. Hypothesis Testing
    • Chapter 5. The t-Test
    • Chapter 6. F-Test and One-Way ANOVA
    • Chapter 7. Some Non-Parametric Tests
    • Chapter 8. Regression Basics

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    About the Book

    Introductory Business Statistics with Interactive Spreadsheets – 1st Canadian Edition is an adaptation of Thomas K. Tiemann's book, Introductory Business Statistics. This new edition still contains the basic ideas behind statistics, such as populations, samples, the difference between data and information, and sampling distributions as well as information on descriptive statistics and frequency distributions, normal and t-distributions, hypothesis testing, t-tests, f-tests, analysis of variance, non-parametric tests, and regression basics. New topics include the chi-square test and categorical variables, null and alternative hypotheses for the test of independence, simple linear regression model, least squares method, coefficient of determination, confidence interval for the average of the dependent variable, and prediction interval for a specific value of the dependent variable.

    This new edition also allows readers to learn the basic and most commonly applied statistical techniques in business in an interactive way — when using the web version — through interactive Excel spreadsheets. For each topic, a customized interactive template has been created within which selected values can be repeatedly changed to observe how the entire process, as well as the outcomes, are automatically adjusted.

    Also, in this adapted edition, the real-world examples throughout the text, and the information in general, have been revised to reflect Canadian content.

    About the Contributors


    Mohammad Mahbobi is a faculty of Economics at the School of Business and Economics, Thompson Rivers University (TRU) in British Columbia, Canada. He earned a B.Sc. in Economics, and a MSc. in Economic Systems Analysis from Shahid Beheshti University (formerly known as National University of Iran), and a Ph.D. from University of Saskatchewan, Canada. For over 25 years, he has been teaching statistics and econometrics for Economics and Business students.

    Thomas K.Tiemann is Jefferson Pilot Professor of Economics at Elon University in North Carolina, USA. He earned an AB in Economics at Dartmouth College and a PhD at Vanderbilt University. He has been teaching basic business and economics statistics for over 30 years, and tries to take an intuitive approach, rather than a mathematical approach, when teaching statistics. He started working on this book 15 years ago, but got sidetracked by administrative duties. He hopes that this intuitive approach helps students around the world better understand the mysteries of statistics.

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