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Chemistry: Atoms First 2e

(21 reviews)

Multiple Authors, OpenStax

Pub Date: 2019

ISBN 13: 9781947172630

Publisher: OpenStax

Language: English

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Reviewed by Brooke Woolman, Chemistry Lecturer, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 11/20/19

The book covers all the topics found in a full year general chemistry course and is aimed at chemistry majors and other science majors. The chapters and chapter contents are similar to comparable commercial textbooks. read more


Reviewed by David Harvey, Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, DePauw University on 10/18/19

This textbook covers all topics typically found in introductory courses in chemistry aimed at chemistry majors and other science majors. The chapters and chapter contents are similar to comparable commercial textbooks. read more


Reviewed by Ann Taylor, Professor, Wabash College on 7/17/19

The book covers all the topics found in a full year general chemistry course. There are additional appendices with help for students who need to review mathematical concepts or dimensional (unit) analysis. read more


Reviewed by Kalani Seu, Associate Professor, Earlham College on 5/14/19

This text covers all of the major topics for an introductory chemistry course with relevant reference tables and review material when needed. read more


Reviewed by Divina Miranda, Adjunct Professor, Southern University on 5/1/19

The textbook is quite comprehensive and covers the major topics in an introductory chemistry course. It provides, index, glossary, and appropriate tables (thermodynamic quantities, equilibrium constants, etc.). read more


Reviewed by Ray Mohseni, Lab Director/Assistant Professor, East Tennessee State University on 4/22/19

This text book is comprehensive and covers more materials that what needed for two semesters of general chemistry course. The content is well organized and students with a range of chemistry background can benefit from it. read more


Reviewed by Melissa Rhoten, Professor, Longwood University on 3/20/19

This text covers all of the material normally encountered in a year-long general chemistry course. It also includes relevant tables (equilibrium constants, thermodynamic parameters, etc), review of mathematical concepts, and unit conversions. read more


Reviewed by Joseph Villa, Associate Professor, Umpqua Community College on 1/24/19

The text was very comprehensive. Chemistry: Atoms First serves as an effective introduction to physical science techniques and manners of thinking. All of the material included in a traditional two-semester general chemistry course is here. read more


Reviewed by Chris Saunders, Clinical Assistant Professor, Boise State University on 1/10/19

This is book is fairly well representative of what you will find in most Atoms First textbooks. There is plenty of coverage of the fundamental topics that you would expect in a full year of chemistry at most institutions. Later chapters provide... read more


Reviewed by Alan Szeto, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Fort Hays State University on 11/30/18

Being a textbook at the "General Chemistry" level, CHEMISTRY: ATOMS FIRST carries the hallmark of any book bearing "General Chemistry" in its title in terms of having 20 or so chapters (which can be easily divided into two halves for a... read more


Reviewed by Sathiamoorthy Balasubramanian, Chemistry Instructor, Rochester Community and Technical College on 5/21/18

This text book is adequately comprehensive and covers all chapters for two semester general chemistry course. The content is well organized and explained clearly. This text book will be useful even to those students who don’t have any chemistry... read more


Reviewed by Richard Farrer, Associate Professor - Chemistry, Colorado State University - Pueblo on 2/1/18

The content of the book mirrors that of the majority of general chemistry books on the market. The last few chapters (18-20) are materials that would lead to future courses. The last few chapters (18-21) are associated with focus on specific... read more


Reviewed by Maury Howard, Associate Professor, Virginia Wesleyan University on 2/1/18

Overall, the text covers all of the major areas one would expect in an introductory text book in an atoms first approach. The depth of coverage was appropriate to first year college students even at varied skill levels. There were only minor... read more


Reviewed by Alicia Glatfelter, Adjunct Professor, University of North Carolina - Asheville on 8/15/17

All areas typically covered in a two-semester General Chemistry course are included in appropriate detail. read more


Reviewed by Abha Verma, Asst. Prof., Xavier University of Louisiana on 6/20/17

It is indeed a good book for students who are starting out chemistry at college level because a wide range of learners and students of different backgrounds can follow it. Graphic Visualizations along with some other audio tools, make this book... read more


Reviewed by Thomas Sommerfeld, Associate Professor, Southeastern Louisiana University on 6/20/17

The table of context suggests an interesting atoms-first text text for science majors, since the order is a bit more courageous than usual, with thermodynamics very early and kinetics last, but I think this is an approach well worth trying out.... read more


Reviewed by Gary Mort, Chemistry Instructor, Lane Community College on 6/20/17

It's fully and adequately comprehensive. The General Chemistry curriculum is nearly de facto standardized. It's rare to find a text that overshoots the mark (unless, and they're labelled as such) for an "Honors" class -- usually, ironically as a... read more


Reviewed by Lanette Upshaw, Assistant Professor, Virginia Western Community College on 4/11/17

The book was very comprehensive. The index and glossary were a great asset and reliable. read more


Reviewed by Shoshanna Coon, Associate Professor, University of Northern Iowa on 2/8/17

This text covers all the topics of a typical 2-semester general chemistry sequence for science majors. The order of the topics is designed for an "atoms first" approach, as the title indicates. {This text is a derivative of openstax Chemistry by... read more


Reviewed by Chad Park, Lecturer, University of Arizona on 2/8/17

The text covers all the typical material in an introductory chemistry text. It is completely useful and relevant to a freshman level general chemistry course. I would like to see a chapter on green chemistry and perhaps a bit more biologically... read more


Reviewed by Lisa Smith, Chemistry Instructor (Tenured; Non-Ranked Institution), North Hennepin Community College on 2/8/17

I think this textbook covers all areas and ideas of the subject taught in the first two semesters of a college-level general chemistry course. At the end of each chapter there is a glossary as well as key equations to help the students organize... read more


Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Essential Ideas
  • Chapter 2: Atoms, Molecules, and Ions
  • Chapter 3: Electronic Structure and Periodic Properties of Elements
  • Chapter 4: Chemical Bonding and Molecular Geometry
  • Chapter 5: Advanced Theories of Bonding
  • Chapter 6: Composition of Substances and Solutions
  • Chapter 7: Stoichiometry of Chemical Reactions
  • Chapter 8: Gases
  • Chapter 9: Thermochemistry
  • Chapter 10: Liquids and Solids
  • Chapter 11: Solutions and Colloids
  • Chapter 12: Thermodynamics
  • Chapter 13: Fundamental Equilibrium Concepts
  • Chapter 14: Acid-Base Equilibria
  • Chapter 15: Equilibria of Other Reaction Classes
  • Chapter 16: Electrochemistry
  • Chapter 17: Kinetics
  • Chapter 18: Representative Metals, Metalloids, and Nonmetals
  • Chapter 19: Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry
  • Chapter 20: Nuclear Chemistry
  • Chapter 21: Organic Chemistry
  • The Periodic Table
  • Essential Mathematics
  • Units and Conversion Factors
  • Fundamental Physical Constants
  • Water Properties
  • Composition of Commercial Acids and Bases
  • Standard Thermodynamic Properties for Selected Substances
  • Ionization Constants of Weak Acids
  • Ionization Constants of Weak Bases
  • Solubility Products
  • Formation Constants for Complex Ions
  • Standard Electrode (Half-Cell) Potentials
  • Half-Lives for Several Radioactive Isotopes
  • Chapter 22: Answer Key

About the Book

Chemistry: Atoms First 2e is a peer-reviewed, openly licensed introductory textbook produced through a collaborative publishing partnership between OpenStax and the University of Connecticut and UConn Undergraduate Student Government Association.

This text is an atoms-first adaptation of OpenStax Chemistry 2e. The intention of “atoms-first” involves a few basic principles: first, it introduces atomic and molecular structure much earlier than the traditional approach, and it threads these themes through subsequent chapters. This approach may be chosen as a way to delay the introduction of material such as stoichiometry that students traditionally find abstract and difficult, thereby allowing students time to acclimate their study skills to chemistry. Additionally, it gives students a basis for understanding the application of quantitative principles to the chemistry that underlies the entire course. It also aims to center the study of chemistry on the atomic foundation that many will expand upon in a later course covering organic chemistry, easing that transition when the time arrives.

The second edition has been revised to incorporate clearer, more current, and more dynamic explanations, while maintaining the same organization as the first edition. Substantial improvements have been made in the figures, illustrations, and example exercises that support the text narrative.

About the Contributors


Senior Contributing Authors
Paul Flowers, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Edward J. Neth, University of Connecticut
William R. Robinson, PhD
Klaus Theopold, University of Delaware
Richard Langley, Stephen F. Austin State University

Contributing Authors
Jennifer Look, Mercer University
Allison Soult, University of Kentucky
Simon Bott, University of Houston
Donald Carpenetti, Craven Community College
Andrew Eklund, Alfred University
Emad El-Giar, University of Louisiana at Monroe
Don Frantz, Wilfrid Laurier University
Paul Hooker, Westminster College
Carol Martinez, Central New Mexico Community College
Troy Milliken, Jackson State University
Vicki Moravec, Trine University
George Kaminski, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Mark Blaser, Shasta College
Jason Powell, Ferrum College
Thomas Sorensen, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee