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Creative Clinical Teaching In The Health Professions

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Sherri Melrose, Athabasca University

Caroline Park, Athabasca University

Beth Perry, Athabasca University

Copyright Year: 2015

Publisher: Athabasca University Press

Language: English

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Reviewed by Enette Larson-Meyer, Professor, Virginia Tech on 12/30/21

The authors provide a nice balance of foundational theory, educational practice tips/ideas and supporting classic and recent research. It comprehensively reviews the most important topics relevant to effective clinical teaching in just enough... read more

Reviewed by Kayla Doran, Assistant Professor, University of Saint Francis on 12/16/21

The textbook covers a profound area of what we encounter in clinical practice with nursing students. It does focus mostly on nursing and not many other healthcare clinical teaching subjects. read more

Reviewed by Gabe Byars, Assistant Professor, Salt Lake Community College on 3/30/21

The book does a great job initially discussing theories of education and building upon that to discus how to be a more effective clinical instructor. read more

Reviewed by Dr. Vonda Rogers, Assistant Professor/Acting Director of Nursing, The University of the District of Columbia on 1/10/21

The text covers all areas and ideas of the subject appropriately and provides an effective index and/or glossary. read more

Reviewed by Corrine Kraemer, Assistant Professor, Bristol Community College on 6/29/20

While I appreciated the content of this textbook, the title is a bit misleading. The textbook tries to include other healthcare disciplines, but it is evident that the author’s background and expertise is in nursing. Although many concepts in the... read more

Reviewed by Marianne Downes, Assistant Professor, West Virginia University on 4/19/20

Given the title of teaching in the health professions, the text and theories are broadly applicable, however most "Creative Strategies" examples and "From the Field" applications are designed and limited in scope to Nursing educational programs.... read more

Reviewed by Telena Bence, Nursing Faculty Professor, Linn-Benton Community College on 1/12/20

The comprehensiveness of this text is on point, offering specific and insightful suggestions to offer clinical faculty ways to connect with their students, using creative clinical teaching strategies. read more

Reviewed by Amber Carriveau, Assistant Professor/Primary Care NP Program Director, Michigan State University on 10/29/19

This book offers a relatively comprehensive overview of clinical teaching. I particularly liked Chapter 4 - Professional Socialization of Health Care Professionals. It details many ways that instructors can encourage the development of a... read more

Reviewed by Amrita Datta, Assistant Professor , Loyola University on 5/1/19

The book covers most areas of clinical (nursing) education quite comprehensively. It provides theoretical, practical and anecdotal examples to help the reader understand, visualize and many cases analyze the applicability of the theory or the... read more

Reviewed by Stephanie Bell, Instructor/Clinical Coordinator, Southern University Shreveport on 4/22/19, updated 5/6/19

This book has a plethora of information that is highly appropriate to the clinical setting. I particularly favored Chapter 3 as it focused on the heart of the clinical aspect (student/teacher). read more

Reviewed by Michelle Johnson, Assistant Professor/ Dietetic Internship Director, East Tennessee State University on 4/11/19

I felt the text covered all aspects of preparing for clinical teaching in supervised practice, and were well supported by literature. Despite it covering a broad range of topics it was an appropriate length to be practical. There is a nursing... read more

Reviewed by Chris Hamlyn, Assistant Professor, Anderson University on 1/1/19

The book builds on a foundation of applicable learning theory in the clinical education environment to the point of actionable strategies with many exercises along the way to help the reader comprehend the material and apply it to their specific... read more

Reviewed by James Hulse, Adjunct Faculty, Oregon Institute of Technology on 5/21/18

Each chapter covered the topic of the chapter at an appropriate depth for a textbook on Creative Clinical Teaching. For instance the first chapter provided a reasonable synopsis of education theories and how these could be applied to clinical... read more

Reviewed by Bret Wood, Lecturer, University of North Carolina at Charlotte on 2/1/18

The text covers major areas instruction and evaluation in clinical health education. Although the text attempts to be comprehensive in covering a variety of healthcare disciplines, the authors area of expertise is clinical nursing education. Most... read more

Reviewed by Susan Lane , Assistant Professor , Appalachian State University on 2/1/18

Overall, the text is comprehensive. read more

Reviewed by Elizabeth Prabhakar, Senior Lecturer Human Physiology and Neuroscience, Ph.D, FHEA, University of the West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom on 8/15/17

I decided to review this book as part of my involvement with teaching Physiology and Pharmacology on the Allied Health Physician Associates programme in recent years (and also on Medical and Dental Programs previously). I therefore began to... read more

Reviewed by Catherine Graeve, Adjunct Professor, Minneapolis Community and Technical College on 6/20/17

The text covers many practical ideas in clinical teaching components. The title page is clear and effective for getting helping the reader understand where to look for information. There is no glossary, but I'm not sure that it is needed for this... read more

Reviewed by Lyons Hardy, Instructor, Virginia Commonwealth University on 2/8/17

This text covers the subject matter appropriately. It covers a wide range of applicable topics while also providing a deep dive into the concept of clinical education. I did not note an index or glossary, but I may have been looking in the wrong... read more

Reviewed by Connie Miller, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Arizona College of Nursing on 2/8/17

This book covers all areas of clinical instruction for adult learners in health professions, with a heavy emphasis on nursing education. Useful From the Field examples, activities and tools provided with practical creative teaching strategies... read more

Reviewed by Amanda Cavanagh, Clinical Instructor of Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care , Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine on 12/5/16

The text is a comprehensive resource for teaching adult learners in the clinical setting. The text not only focuses on teaching techniques, but also focuses on important adjunctive aspects of being an effective educator (developing a teaching... read more

Reviewed by Lora Ballweber, Professor, Colorado State University on 12/5/16

Based on the title, the textbook sticks to the topic of clinical teaching. However, the "Health Professions" aspect is limited. It is clear throughout the book that nursing is the primary area of focus. Other human health... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter One: Theoretical Foundations of Teaching and Learning
  • Chapter Two: Where Do I Fit In? Articulating a Personal Philosophy
  • Chapter Three: The Clinical Learning Environment
  • Chapter Four: Professional Socialization of Health Care Professionals
  • Chapter Five: Technology Enhanced Clinical Education
  • Chapter Six: Evaluation of Learning
  • Chapter Seven: Preceptors: Essential to Learner Success
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  • About the Book

    This peer reviewed e-book is a must-read for nurses and other health professionals who strive to teach with creativity and excellence in clinical settings. Each chapter presents current evidence informed educational practice knowledge. Each topic is also presented with text boxes describing ‘Creative Strategies' that clinical teachers from across Canada have successfully implemented. For those who are interested in background knowledge, the authors provided a comprehensive literature base. And, for those interested mainly in 'what to do,' the text box summaries offer step-by-step directions for creative, challenging activities that both new and experienced instructors can begin using immediately.

    About the Contributors


    Sherri Melrose, PhD, RN, Athabasca University. Melrose has published widely on educating health professionals, facilitates a graduate course in clinical teaching and is a winner of the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing Award for Excellence in Nursing Education. 

    Caroline Park, PhD, RN, Athabasca University. Park, currently the Chair of Graduate Programs, has taught in a variety of nurse education settings and leads research projects related to technology enhanced clinical education and mobile learning. 

    Beth Perry, PhD, RN, Athabasca University. Perry is an established author and is the principal investigator of a SSHRC-funded study exploring artistic pedagogical technologies. Perry is also a winner of the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing Award for Excellence in Nursing Education.

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