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Linear Algebra

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Jim Hefferon, Saint Michael's College

Copyright Year: 2016

Last Update: 2020

ISBN 13: 9781944325039

Publisher: Jim Hefferon

Language: English

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Reviewed by Daniel Drucker, Professor and Associate Chair, Wayne State University on 12/5/18

This text does a good job of covering the theory in detail, especially in Chapters Two and Five. Uniqueness of reduced echelon form is proved in detail. (It’s in a section unhelpfully entitled “The Linear Combination Lemma”). Optional sections in... read more

Reviewed by Iuliana Oprea, Associate Professor, Colorado State University on 1/7/16

The book covers the standard material for an introductory course in linear algebra. The material is standard in that the topics covered are Gaussian reduction, vector spaces, linear maps, determinants, and eigenvalues and eigenvectors. The... read more

Reviewed by Abraham Smith, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Stout on 1/7/16

This is a complete textbook for Linear Algebra I. It proceeds through the expected material on vector and matrix arithmetic on examples, then it makes a nice transition to abstract vector spaces and linear operators. The major theorems in linear... read more

Reviewed by Aaron Wangberg, Associate Professor, Winona State University on 6/10/15

This text provides a fairly thorough treatment of topics for an introductory linear algebra course. It builds up the theory of linear algebra in order to answer important questions about they solutions and the types of solutions associated with... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter One: Solving Linear Systems
  • Chapter Two: Vector Spaces
  • Chapter Three: Maps Between Spaces
  • Chapter Four: Determinants
  • Chapter Five: Similarity


Ancillary Material

  • Jim Hefferon
  • About the Book

    This text covers the standard material for a US undergraduate first course: linear systems and Gauss's Method, vector spaces, linear maps and matrices, determinants, and eigenvectors and eigenvalues, as well as additional topics such as introductions to various applications. It has extensive exercise sets with worked answers to all exercises, including proofs, beamer slides for classroom use, and a lab manual for computer work. The approach is developmental. Although everything is proved, it introduces the material with a great deal of motivation, many computational examples, and exercises that range from routine verifications to a few challenges. Ancillary materials are available at the publisher link.

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    Jim Hefferon, Professor of Mathematics at St. Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. University of Connecticut.

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