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Information Strategies for Communicators

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Kathleen Hansen, University of Minnesota

Nora Paul, University of Minnesota

Pub Date: 2015

Publisher: University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing

Language: English

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Reviewed by Sarah Faris, Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University on 2/9/17

A strong introductory text. The content is well-rounded and takes diligent care to address concerns from multiple perspectives without making assumptions about culture or the students' baseline knowledge. Some elements fall short of addressing... read more


Reviewed by Fred Reeder Jr., Instructor, Miami (OH) University on 8/22/16

It's difficult to try to cover, in one text, the basic roles of journalists, advertisers and other professional communicators. However, the authors cover these various professions well, providing examples in each chapter to help students see these... read more


Table of Contents

Lesson 1. Personal / Professional Skills of Successful Communicators
1.1 EQ vs IQ
1.2 Attributes Employers Desire
1.3 Team Membership Skills
1.4 Values for Success
1.5 Resources

Lesson 2. Information Strategy Process and the Needs of Communicators
2.1 Information for Messages
2.2 The Information Strategy Process
2.3 Information Tasks of Communication Professionals
2.4 News Messages
2.5 Advertising Messages
2.6 Public Relations Messages
2.7 Storytelling and the Information Strategy
2.8 Resources

Lesson 3. Question Analysis: From Assignment to Message
3.2 Assignment Clarification
3.3 Message Purpose
3.4 Time / Space
3.5 Formats / Channels
3.6 Resources
3.1 Understanding the Gatekeeper Audience

Lesson 4. Question Analysis: Who's the Audience?
4.1 Types of Audiences
4.2 Gatekeepers
4.3 Colleagues and Professionals
4.4 Target Audience
4.5 Audience Segments: Demographics
4.6 Audience Segments: Geographics
4.7 Audience Segments: Psychographics
4.8 Combining Segment Data
4.9 News
4.10 Advertising
4.11 Public Relations
4.12 Who's the Audience for News?
4.13 Who's the Audience for Advertising?
4.14 Who's the Audience for Public Relations?
4.15 Summary / Resources

Lesson 5. Question Analysis: What's the Topic?
5.1 What's the Angle?
5.2 News Angle
5.3 Strategic Communication Angle
5.4 Key Questions to Answer
5.5 Idea Generation
5.6 Observation for Idea Generation
5.7 Types of Observation: Routine

About the Book

Written by two nationally recognized experts in information strategy, Information Strategies for Communicators leads students step-by-step through the information search and evaluation process for news and strategic communication message production. The book includes a conceptual model of the information strategy process, case studies to illustrate the process in action, and links to current examples throughout.

The definitive text for the information search and evaluation process as practiced by news and strategic communication message producers. Currently used at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication; JOUR 3004W/V, Information for Mass Communication.

About the Contributors


Kathleen Hansen is a professor and director of undergraduate studies at the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota. She received her M.L.S. and M.A. degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her research centers around the preservation of digital and print news archives, information access and serious games in the news.


Nora Paul is the Director of the Institute for New Media Studies at the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota.  She received her M.L.S. and B.A. degrees from Texas Women's University.