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    Mental Health is a Verb: A Pocket Guide to Mental Health for Nursing Students - Second Edition

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    Jake Bush, University of West Florida

    Jill Van Der Like, University of West Florida

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    Last Update: 2024

    Publisher: University of West Florida Pressbooks

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Joseph Cusimano, Assistant Professor, Shenandoah University on 4/1/23

    This textbook attempts to provide a superficial overview of pertinent issues in the realm of psychiatric nursing care, written for an undergraduate nursing audience. While the book does span several topics, divided between "foundational concepts"... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Title Page
    • Module 1: Mental Health Versus Mental Illness
    • Module 2: Theoretical Models Used In Mental Health Nursing
    • Module 3: Clinical Assessment, Problems, and Treatment
    • Module 4: Psychopharmacology
    • Module 5: Mental Health Promotion
    • Module 6: Legal and Ethical Issues
    • Module 7: Therapeutic Communication
    • Module 8: Depression
    • Module 9: Anxiety
    • Module 10: Bipolar
    • Module 11: Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders
    • Module 12: Eating Disorders
    • Module 13: Substance Abuse and Addiction
    • Module 14: Schizophrenia
    • Module 15: Personanality Disorders
    • Module 16: Neurocognitive Disorders
    • Module 17: Childhood Disorders
    • Module 18: Psychiatric Emergencies
    • Module 19: Grief and Loss
    • Appendix
    • References

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    About the Book

    MENTAL HEALTH IS A VERB is an open education resource written by Jake Bush, Ph.D., RN, CNE, and Jill Van Der Like, DNP, MSN, RNC through the University of West Florida which addresses mental health nursing care. The book opens with a foundational module that provides a brief history of mental health treatment, pertinent theorists, and the underpinning concepts of mental health versus mental illness, followed by a separate chapter on psychopharmacology. The heart of the text is arranged into the most common mental health diagnoses. Additionally, this second edition includes the addition of case studies (modules 8-19), two virtual simulation activities (modules 7 and 13), and a mental health cumulative study guide as an appendix.


    About the Contributors


    Jake Bush, Ph.D., RN, CNE, Lecturer

    Jill Van Der Like, DNP, MSN, RNC, Clinical Assistant Professor

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