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Technology in Schools

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Gary L Ackerman, Greenfield, Massachusetts

Copyright Year: 2022


Language: English

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Reviewed by Dañetta Evans, Adjunct Faculty, Tidewater Community College on 12/31/22

The textbook gave extensive definitions and explanations on the topic of information technology in schools. I would also say that he gave more than I expected. The book includes helpful tips on how to create collaborative strategies and an entire... read more

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • 1. What Exactly is School?
  • 2. Working in Schools
  • 3. Infrastructure in Schools
  • 4. Supporting School IT Infrastructure
  • 5. Users in Schools
  • 6. Technology in Teaching
  • 7. IT Decision-Making in Schools
  • 8. Getting Hired

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About the Book

My purpose in writing this book is to give readers a view into the work of managing information technology in schools. IT professionals will notice differences (some nuanced and some significant) between the needs and expectations of IT users in business and IT in school. With the more complete and more accurate concept the nature of the computing environment necessary for successful schooling, which I intend to provide through this book, IT professionals will be better prepared to meet those needs. Educators will also benefit from this book by clarifying the nature of their IT needs and how these may be different from those that are familiar to IT professionals who are hired to work in your school.

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Dr. Gary L. Ackerman, Director of Teaching and Learning Innovation at Greenfield Community College

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