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The Asynchronous Cookbook

(7 reviews)

DLINQ staff contributors

Copyright Year: 2021

Publisher: Office of Digital Learning & Inquiry, Middlebury College

Language: English

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Reviewed by Yaroslav Malyuta, Lecturer, University of Texas at Arlington on 3/22/24

Most of the chapters are focused on specific aspects and practical approaches to asynchronous learning environment. I don't think that 'class climate' should be a separate chapter because the rest of the chapters are more practical but this one... read more

Reviewed by Zach Wilhide, Adjunct Lecturer, Tidewater Community College on 1/18/24

The book effectively covers all relevant areas of asynchronous learning, from group and team work to basic discussion activities all the way up to student publications and class presentations. There isn’t an index or glossary; however, the table... read more

Reviewed by Erika Pinter, Assistant Professor, Winona State University on 12/13/22

The Asynchronous Cookbook is a thorough and helpful guide to integrating asynchronous activities into courses. It provides information on a variety of different activities that an instructor could utilize in a course. I particularly like the... read more

Reviewed by Shannon Melideo, Professor, Marymount University on 11/11/22

The book approaches the topic with an accessible format and writing style. The topics are grouped appropriately. The expertise of the authors shows through and even more content would be welcomed. read more

Reviewed by Teresa Coffman, Professor, University of Mary Washington on 7/10/22

The text has ten chapters in total which is a good amount for this particular book. It has a super-catchy title and focuses on some of the most poignant topics in online and asynchronous learning. Educators want their students to be actively... read more

Reviewed by Andrea Bearman, Director of Instructional Design and Development/Instructor, Trine University on 5/17/22

The content covers many if not all elements of how to properly engage students in an online format. I particularly appreciate the simulations and labs component as I would like to incorporate more of these into our courses as well but haven't been... read more

Reviewed by Brittany Straub, Assistant Professor of Education, University of Saint Francis on 5/5/22

This textbook is comprehensive as it discusses WHAT asynchronous instruction is, WHY it is important, and HOW to do it. read more

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Some Key Concepts
  • 3. Group and Team Work in Asynchronous Settings
  • 4. Discussion Activities
  • 5. Mapping Activities
  • 6. Games
  • 7. Simulations & Labs
  • 8. Writing, Storytelling, and Publishing
  • 9. Presentations
  • 10. Class Climate

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About the Book

Whether you're teaching mostly in person but looking for some regular, asynchronous activities to add to your course, or teaching a fully online course, this resource is for you. The activities in this cookbook draw on research and good practice in online course design to provide recipes - concise and specific instructions and examples - for adding asynchronous activities to a course. Meaningful interaction between students and instructors is a key ingredient in all of these recipes. 

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