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Neuroscience for Pre-Clinical Students

Renee LeClair

Estimated Publication: January 2022

Publisher: Virginia Tech Publishing

Language: English

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    Neuroscience for Pre-Clinical Students is designed to fill a gap in undergraduate medical education (UME) and support preclerkship education in the content area of biochemical neuroscience. Its content is aligned to USMLE(r) (United States Medical Licensing Examination) providing coverage of topics including: neuroenergetics, neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, and amino acid metabolism and heritable disorders of degradation. Unlike traditional textbooks, the organization of this resource is driven by curricular structure, rather than subject area. As the format and design of UME differs across many programs, this resource is purposefully brief and flexible, allowing for rapid adaptation across programs. The resource is organized into small chapters that can be used to support student preparation in any arrangement. The sections are not intended to be all-inclusive, but rather primers for applied content delivery. Similarly, clinical context is only briefly discussed allowing the user to apply the basic content in the clinical context used by their specific curricular structure.

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