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Oral Communication for Non-Native Speakers of English

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Timothy Kochem, Iowa State University

Monica G. Ghosh, Iowa State University

Lily Compton, Iowa State University

Elena Cotos, Iowa State University

Copyright Year: 2020

Publisher: Iowa State University

Language: English

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Reviewed by Aylin Bunk, ESL Instructor, Mt. Hood Community College on 8/31/22

This is a comprehensive book that provides an overview of essential parts of English pronunciation. The topics covered are clearly chosen to reflect the problem areas that most language learners experience, such as consonant vowels, word stress... read more

Reviewed by Karen Allen, ESL Lecturer, West Virginia University on 4/7/22

This textbook serves as a comprehensive overview of the different aspects of English pronunciation for ESL learners. It can serve as a basic resource for upper-level English students for improving their pronunciation. If used in a classroom, the... read more

Reviewed by William Denny, Adjunct Instructor, Kirkwood Community College on 12/15/21

The book is very comprehensive, and covers all the relevant information about English phonetics at an advanced level. If students follow this text, they will understand important details about English pronunciation that most English programs... read more

Table of Contents

  • I. Segmentals
    • 1. Segmentals: Overview
    • 2. Segmentals: Consonants
    • 3. Segmentals: Consonant Clusters
    • 4. Segmentals: Vowels
    • 5. Segmentals: Additional Activities
    • 6. Segmentals: Teacher's Corner
  • II. Word Stress
    • 7. Word Stress: Overview
    • 8. Word Stress: Additional Activities
    • 9. Word Stress: Teacher's Corner
  • III. Thought Groups
    • 10. Thought Groups: Overview
    • 11. Thought Groups: Additional Activities
    • 12. Thought Groups: Teacher's Corner
  • IV. Prominence
    • 13. Prominence: Overview
    • 14. Prominence: Additional Activities
    • 15. Prominence: Teacher's Corner
  • V. Intonation
    • 16. Intonation: Overview
    • 17. Intonation: Additiaaaaaaaonal Activities
    • 18. Intonation: Teacher's Corner

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  • About the Book

    Welcome to Oral Communication for Non-native Speakers of English!

    This digital book is meant to serve an instructional tool for both learners and teachers in the field of pronunciation. Topics covered include vowel and consonant sounds, word stress, thought groups, prominence, and intonation.

    The book has been constructed to be either a self-paced instructional tool for learners or a classroom material for speaking or pronunciation courses.

    About the Contributors


    Timothy Kochem is a PhD candidate in Applied Linguistics and Technology at Iowa State University. He has worked as an English Writing and Speaking Consultant at the Center for Communication Excellence for over two years. He has also taught a global online course for the Online Professional English Network (OPEN), as well as courses in public speaking, introductory linguistics, and English for Teaching Purposes at Iowa State University. His primary research is in L2 pronunciation pedagogy, language teacher education, and distance education.

    Dr. Monica G. Ghosh, formerly Monica Richards, received her MA in TESL/Applied Linguistics at Iowa State University, where she has taught pronunciation, speaking and teaching to international teaching assistants as well as listening/speaking, reading, writing and grammar to students in the Intensive English and Orientation Program. She has also taught a variety of English courses at Xiamen Educational College in Xiamen, China, and has led teacher-training workshops in Sumatra, Indonesia. Her primary research interests lay in pronunciation, second language vocabulary acquisition and CALL. She also enjoys materials development.

    Dr. Lily Compton is the Graduate Communication Programs Coordinator at the Iowa State University’s Center for Communication Excellence. She teaches and develops curriculum for courses for the oral communication skills of International Teaching Assistants (ITAs). She also trains and supervises the English Speaking Consultants and mentors instructors of the ITA oral communication courses.

    Dr. Elena Cotos is an Associate Professor of  ESL/Applied Linguistics in the English Department at Iowa State University. She is also the Director of the Center for Communication Excellence of the Graduate College. Her research interests include English for specific purposes, corpus-based genre analysis, genre-based automated writing evaluation, and language learning and assessment.

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