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    Writing for Change: An Advanced ELL Resource

    (3 reviews)

    Inés Poblet, Whatcom Community College

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    Publisher: Whatcom Community College

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Shannon Tanghe, Assistant Professor, Metropolitan State University on 3/18/24

    I really like this resource. It is well-designed and is structured so it can be used in many ways. I think it could be used as a small student-led discussion and writing group as well as a whole classroom text. read more

    Reviewed by Kristen Williams, Teaching Instructor, West Virginia University on 4/26/22

    Inés Poblet did a great job at acknowledging some of the topics that I expected to see in this text like identity, intersectionality, systemic oppression, code meshing and code switching, personal narratives, World Englishes, access (to food in... read more

    Reviewed by Tamara Stasik, Associate Professor of English, English for Academic Purposes Specialist, DePauw University on 12/30/21, updated 1/17/22

    Although the author Inés Poblet describes this as a textbook, she also acknowledges that "the chapters ... are by no means exhaustive or complete. I envision fellow educators continuing to add more OER texts for English Language Learning.... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Creating Our Classroom Culture
    • Getting Ready to Write
    • Chapter 1: Identity
    • Chapter 2: World Englishes
    • Chapter 3: Power and Poetry
    • Chapter 4 ¡Si, Se Puede! 
    • Chapter 5: Food Deserts
    • Chapter 6: Protecting Mauna Kea
    • Chapter 7: Black Lives Matter

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    About the Book

    This book has been a part of my pandemic journey with a goal of building English language learner resources, gathering up what I have learned about anti-racist, culturally responsive, and decolonization approaches. I know that I have not nearly met this goal in this single resource and that there is so much more to do. I am simply starting on the collective path and am so humbled to join fellow colleagues in the work of rewriting the myths and false narratives of our field. This goes well beyond one specific discipline. It is a call to all educators and all institutions to choose love in action, to choose change.

    This OER text includes the following:

    • an introduction to creating a collectivist culture to support learning
    • models and activities about multiple ways of organizing ideas in an essay.
    • short readings and discussion highlighting the work of community organizers, activists, and social justice movements
    • writing prompts that ask learners to synthesize, reflect on, and connect to the topics
    • projects inviting learners to apply the content to their community environment
    • additional resources offering multiple modalities for further learning including videos, articles, and podcasts
    • a contrastive and multilingual approach to exploring grammar patterns to support writing

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    Inés Poblet, Whatcom Community College

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