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    Web Accessibility for Developers

    Reviewed by Ali Raza, Graduate Student, CU Boulder on 7/1/19

    Comprehensiveness rating: 4

    This book provides a great introduction to the issues relevant to the accessibility with the help of links to video examples. It is a good resource for any beginner in the accessibility area for getting familiarity with the field challenges. It covers most of the issues on tackling challenges to web accessibility by utilizing ARIA in different modules. However, authors should provide some form of the glossary to the readers.

    Content Accuracy rating: 5

    The content of the book is up-to-date with the current standards of the accessible web technology and provides great access to tools checking the accessibility in the websites.

    Relevance/Longevity rating: 5

    I believe this is a necessary shelf book for any web developer and it is easy to pick up the understanding of the textbook. It is mandatory for authors to check for the updates in the web accessibility standard for future editions and for keeping the textbook in demand.

    Clarity rating: 5

    The authors mentioned at the start of the book about the background knowledge required in order to understand the text. Whereas they also did a good job of providing enough guidance on doing assignments for each particular topic.

    Consistency rating: 5

    The book is consistent in what it supposed to offer and web developers can definitely benefit from it.

    Modularity rating: 5

    The textbook is very modular because it is divided into three sections for beginners, intermediate, and advance implementation of the web accessibility items. Instructors can provide it in this way to the class or can further subdivide it without any complexities.

    Organization/Structure/Flow rating: 5

    The book is definitely organized in a lucid way, making it is easy for any web developer to understand and implement the ARIA standard into the web. But authors should provide a table of content at the start of the book for just providing an overall glimpse.

    Interface rating: 5

    There aren’t any challenges with the interface of the book, it is complete in all the aspects; images, links working, navigation, etc.

    Grammatical Errors rating: 4

    There are minor grammatical errors like duplication of the same word, which should be removed from the book in its next edition.

    Cultural Relevance rating: 5

    I believe this book is helping to promote equity and take into account all the cultures relevant to web users. From the content side of the book, there are no issues relevant to culture offensiveness.