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Web Accessibility for Developers

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Digital Education Strategies

Pub Date: 2019

Publisher: Independent

Language: English

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Reviewed by Ali Raza, Graduate Student, CU Boulder on 7/1/19

This book provides a great introduction to the issues relevant to the accessibility with the help of links to video examples. It is a good resource for any beginner in the accessibility area for getting familiarity with the field challenges. It... read more


Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Introduction to WAI-ARIA
  • 3. Basic WAI-ARIA
  • 4. Interactive WAI-ARIA (Basic)
  • 5. Interactive WAI-ARIA (Intermediate)
  • 6. Interactive WAI-ARIA (Advanced)

About the Book

Web Accessibility for Developers is a technical book aimed primarily at programmers. Learn how to develop accessible interactivity on the Web and gain expertise using WAI-ARIA, a W3C specification that enables optimal use of assistive technologies, like screen readers, when navigating the Web.

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Digital Education Strategies, The Chang School