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    Sports Marketing: An Australian Perspective

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    Jessica Richards, Western Sydney University

    Copyright Year:

    Last Update: 2024

    Publisher: Western Sydney University

    Language: English

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    Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Acknowledgment of Country
    • From inception to publication: A heartfelt thank you to the team
    • Meet The Author
    • The unique nature of sport marketing
    • Understanding the sport consumer
    • Selling an experience: marketing intangible objects
    • The marketing plan
    • Market segmentation and target marketing in sport
    • Market research in the sport industry
    • Sports marketing in an omnichannel world
    • Managing a sports brand
    • Promotion and customer service
    • Corporate sponsorship and memberships
    • Community and stakeholders
    • Introducing the "Sports Marketing Mix"
    • Appendix

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    About the Book

    Sports marketing refers to promoting goods and services through sporting events and the endorsement of athletes and sports teams. For any sports organisation, it is imperative to have an effective sports marketing strategy in place to build brand awareness, enhance customer loyalty and generate revenue. Companies in sports use marketing strategies to fulfil their goals, such as attracting more junior players, involving parents, increasing the company's public profile, entertaining spectators, acquiring sponsorships, and securing broadcasting rights deals. This book has been written for sports management students at Western Sydney University for the subject Sports Marketing (BUSM2048) where they will learn general marketing knowledge and theories relevant to the sports industry, such as sponsorship, endorsements, customer experience, pricing and operations. This activity is aligned with SDG4 – Quality Education. 

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    Jessica Richards, Western Sydney University

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