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Pharo by Example 5.0

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Stéphane Ducasse, INRIA Lille

Dmitri Zagidulin

Nicolai Hess

Dimitris Chloupis

Copyright Year: 2016

ISBN 13: 9781365654596

Publisher: Stéphane Ducasse

Language: English

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Conditions of Use

Attribution-ShareAlike Attribution-ShareAlike

Table of Contents

  • 1 Preface
  • 2 A quick tour of Pharo
  • 3 A first application
  • 4 Syntax in a nutshell
  • 5 Understanding message syntax
  • 6 The Pharo object model
  • 7 Some of the key tools of the Pharo environment
  • 8 Sharing code and source control
  • 9 S Unit
  • 10 Basic classes
  • 11 Collections
  • 12 Streams
  • 13 Morphic
  • 14 Seaside by example
  • 15 Classes and metaclasses
  • 16 Reflection
  • 17 Regular expressions in Pharo

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About the Book

Pharo is an open-source, elegant and pure object-oriented language that supports truly immersive and life programming experience. Pharo offers excellent tools such as hot-debuggers and on the fly code update that change the programming experience. More at
Pharo is a powerful language and IDE that companies use to deliver complex business-effective applications. More at:

In Pharo everything is an object, and anything can change at run-time under your fingers. Pharo is written in itself you can explore a complete world. You can feel and talk to objects. But Pharo does not stop there, with Pharo you can improve your object-oriented skills by rediscovering the essence of object-oriented programming. Pharo by Example 50, intended for both students and developers, will guide you gently through the Pharo language and environment by means of a series of examples and exercises. This book is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.

About the Contributors


Stéphane Ducasse is the research director at INRIA Lille leading the RMoD Team.

Dmitri Zagidulin

Nicolai Hess

Dimitris Chloupis

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