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    Mastering Strategic Management

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    Last Update: 2024

    Publisher: University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing

    Language: English

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    Table of Contents

    • Publisher Information
    • Chapter 1: Mastering Strategy: Art and Science
    • Chapter 2: Leading Strategically
    • Chapter 3: Evaluating the External Environment
    • Chapter 4: Managing Firm Resources
    • Chapter 5: Selecting Business-Level Strategies
    • Chapter 6: Supporting the Business-Level Strategy: Competitive and Cooperative Moves
    • Chapter 7: Competing in International Markets
    • Chapter 8: Selecting Corporate-Level Strategies
    • Chapter 9: Executing Strategy through Organizational Design
    • Chapter 10: Leading an Ethical Organization: Corporate Governance, Corporate Ethics, and Social Responsibility

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    About the Book

    Teaching the strategic management course can be a challenge for many professors. In most business schools, strategic management is a “capstone” course that requires students to draw on insights from various functional courses they have completed (such as marketing, finance, and accounting) in order to understand how top executives make the strategic decisions that drive whether organizations succeed or fail. Although students have taken these functional courses, many students have very little experience with major organizational choices. It is this inexperience that can undermine many students’ engagement in the course. For questions about this textbook please contact

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