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    Let's Chat! Korean

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    Amber Hoye, Boise State University

    Kelly Arispe, Boise State University

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    Publisher: Boise State University

    Language: English

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    Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • How to Use the Activities in this Book
    • How are Pathways Activities Formatted?
    • About the Pathways Project
    • Thematic Table of Contents
    • Table of Contents- Idaho GEM Course Sequencing
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Korean Level 1
    • Korean Level 2
    • Korean Level 3
    • Korean Level 4

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    About the Book

    Let’s Chat! Korean features a collection of over 55 classroom-ready interpersonal speaking activities for novice and intermediate learners. Touching on a range of thematic topics such as greetings, travel, daily routines, health, and so much more, Korean teachers are sure to find an activity to use in their courses. These activities may be used as is or can easily be revised and remixed to fit the unique needs of individual classrooms.

    About the Contributors


    Amber Hoye (M.E.T), is the Director of the World Languages Resource Center at Boise State University where she supports faculty implementing educational technology and other innovative practice including OER, supervises an interdisciplinary team of student employees, and teaches a required course for language majors to prepare for attending graduate school or entering the workforce. Her current projects include supervising the creation of ancillary teaching materials in collaboration with university faculty, staff, students, and K-12 teachers, and managing the Pathways Project OER repository.

    Kelly Arispe (Ph.D. UC Davis), is an Associate Professor at Boise State University where she teaches upper-division Spanish Linguistics courses and Teacher Education courses in methods, literacy and assessment for pre-service language teachers. She is Program Coordinator for Language Secondary Education Majors and Director of the Graduate Certificate in Computer Assisted Language Learning. Her primary research focuses on L2 pedagogy and CALL/MALL and intermediate and advanced language learners. Her current projects include using video tagging software to impact best practices in language teaching and the Pathways Project.

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