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    Handbook of Software Engineering Methods - 2nd Edition

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    Lara Letaw, Oregon State University

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    Publisher: Oregon State University

    Language: English

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    Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Agile
    • Project Management and Teamwork
    • Requirements
    • Unified Modeling Language Class and Sequence Diagrams
    • Monolith versus Microservice Architectures
    • Paper Prototyping
    • Inclusivity Heuristics
    • Code Smells and Refactoring
    • Conclusion
    • Glossary
    • References
    • Accessibility and Versioning

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    About the Book

    Software engineering can help people create sustainable, extensible programs that solve problems people care about.

    I won’t tell you how to be a software engineer; you’ll learn that over time by doing it. Instead, this book is about software engineering methods: Ways people achieve specific objectives in software engineering—that can save your project. My hope is that, after reading this book (or parts of it), you’ll feel better equipped for software engineering.

    About the Contributors


    Lara Letaw is an Ecampus computer science instructor who, after working as a software engineer and UI designer, entered academia to research and develop software inclusivity innovations through her graduate work in computer science. She graduated from OSU in 2018 with an M.S. in computer science (Software Innovation). She currently teaches and develops undergraduate and graduate-level courses for the online CS program. She is an OSU Ecampus Research Fellow (2020-21), wrote a free and open software engineering textbook through the OSU Ecampus Open Educational Resources (OER) Affordable Learning Grant program (2020-21), and was awarded an OSU College of Engineering Online Teaching Award in 2021. In addition, she has co-authored multiple publications on inclusive technology design.

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