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A grammar of Moloko

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Dianne Friesen

Copyright Year: 2017

Publisher: Language Science Press

Language: English

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Phonology
  • Chapter 3: Grammatical classes
  • Chapter 4: Noun morphology
  • Chapter 5: Noun phrase
  • Chapter 6: Verb root and stem
  • Chapter 7: The verb complex
  • Chapter 8: Verb phrase
  • Chapter 9: Verb types and transitivity
  • Chapter 10: Clause
  • Chapter 11: The na marker and na constructions
  • Chapter 12: Clause combining

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  • About the Book

    This grammar provides the first comprehensive grammatical description of Moloko, a Chadic language spoken by about 10,000 speakers in northern Cameroon. The grammar was developed from hours and years that the authors spent at friends’ houses hearing and recording stories, hours spent listening to the tapes and transcribing the stories, then translating them and studying the language through them. Time was spent together and with others speaking the language and talking about it, translating resources and talking to Moloko people about them. Grammar and phonology discoveries were made in the office, in the fields while working, and at gatherings. In the process, the four authors have become more and more passionate about the Moloko language and are eager to share their knowledge about it with others.

    About the Contributors


    Mana Samuel, Mana Isaac, and Ali Gaston live with their families in Maroua and Ftak, Cameroon. They have been involved in their communities in linguistics, language development and translation. They are Moloko speakers and between them they also speak French, Fulfulde, Guiziga, Muyang, and Hausa. Together with the Moloko Language and Translation committees they have produced several books in the Moloko language. Dianne Friesen, a linguist from Canada with SIL International, joined them in 1999. She studied the language and helped in producing the books. Together they produced this grammar.

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