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    The Joy of Cryptography

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    Mike Rosulek, Oregon State University

    Copyright Year:

    Last Update: 2021

    Publisher: Oregon State University

    Language: English

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    Table of Contents

    • 0 Review of Concepts & Notation
    • 1 One-Time Pad & Kerckhoffs' Principle
    • 2 The Basics of Provable Security
    • 3 Secret Sharing
    • 4 Basing Cryptography on Intractable Computations
    • 5 Pseudorandom Generators
    • 6 Pseudorandom Functions & Block Ciphers
    • 7 Security Against Chosen Plaintext Attacks
    • 8 Block Cipher Modes of Operation
    • 9 Chosen Ciphertext Attacks
    • 10 Message Authentication Codes
    • 11 Hash Functions
    • 12 Authenticated Encryption & AEAD
    • 13 RSA & Digital Signatures
    • 14 Diffie-Hellman Key Agreement
    • 15 Public-Key Encryption

    Ancillary Material

    • Oregon State University
    • About the Book

      The pedagogical approach is anchored in formal definitions/proof of security, but in a way that I believe is more accessible than what is "traditional" in crypto. All security definitions are written in a unified and simplified "game-based" style. For an example of what security definitions look like in this style, see the index of security definitions (which will make more sense after reading chapters 2 & 4).

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      Mike Rosulek, Oregon State University

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