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Leveraging Data Visualization to Communicate Effectively

In Development

Jennie Mitchell

Trent Deckard

Estimated Publication: June 2025

Publisher: PALNI

Language: English

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    This textbook will introduce students to the principles of effective data visualization and how to use visualization techniques to effectively communicate information and insights. Additionally, this textbook shares presentation strategies to address communication gaps that could arise if the visualized data does not have the proper context and labeling. Students will learn how to select appropriate chart types and design effective visualizations that clearly convey data patterns and trends, to support data-driven decisions. The textbook will also cover best practices for labeling, scaling, and annotating visualizations, as well as techniques for avoiding common pitfalls and biases in data visualization. Through hands-on exercises and projects, students will have the opportunity to practice creating a variety of visualizations using tools such as Excel, Power Business Intelligence (BI) and several problem-solving tools like Ishikawa, SWOT, PEST/LE, decision tree and more. Students will be able to process, analyze and visualize data to evaluate patterns and trends, and learn ways to communicate more effectively regardless of the setting or the type of audience.

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    Jennie Mitchell

    Trent Deckard