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    forall x: Dortmund

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    Simon Wimmer, Technical University Dortmund

    Copyright Year:

    Publisher: Simpson University

    Language: German

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    Table of Contents

    • I Zentrale Begriffe der Logik
    • II Wahrheitsfunktionale Logik
    • III Wahrheitstabellen
    • IV Natürliche Herleitung für die WFL
    • V Die Logik erster Ordnung
    • VI Interpretationen
    • VII Natürliche Herleitung für die LEO
    • VIII Modale Logik

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    About the Book

    forall x: Dortmund is an adaptation and German translation of forall x: Calgary. As such, it is a full-featured textbook on formal logic. It covers key notions of logic such as consequence and validity, the syntax of truth-functional (propositional) logic and truth-table semantics, the syntax of first-order (predicate) logic with identity and first-order interpretations, formalizing German in TFL and FOL, and Fitch-style natural deduction proof systems for both TFL and FOL. It also deals with some advanced topics such as the syntax and (Kripke-)semantics of modal logic. The book is provided in PDF and in LaTeX source code. A booklet with solutions for all exercises in the book is available.

    About the Contributors


    Simon Wimmer:

    I'm an assistant professor at Eva Schmidt's chair in theoretical philosophy at the Technical University Dortmund. Thanks to funding from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, I'll be a visiting researcher at Kristina Liefke's chair at Bochum from April to September 2022.

    My research focuses on the relation between knowledge and belief and whether either of them enjoys "priority" over the other. I also work on issues concerning the semantics of knowledge and belief talk as well as the history of knowledge-first views in the analytic tradition. I especially enjoy teaching logic and the philosophy of language.

    I completed my PhD at the University of Warwick in January 2020. My supervisors were Guy Longworth and Johannes Roessler. During my PhD, I spent time at Oxford, Toronto, and Cologne.

    I'm originally from Austria, but lived in the UK for almost all of my adult life.

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