Open Textbook Publishing

Advancing Your Goals

When you join the Open Education Network, you join a community that is advancing open textbook publishing in higher education. We offer community, professional development, and publishing infrastructure to help you move ahead with your publishing goals.


Publishing open textbooks can be complex and isolating, especially when you’re the only one doing the work. You don’t have to figure it out alone! The Open Education Network offers a community of helpful people dedicated to supporting your publishing goals, including the Publishing Cooperative Advisory Group and the Pub101 Committee. Together our community supports one another in navigating open textbook publishing.

Tea Time
Tea Time is a monthly get-together for you to chat about publishing with colleagues who have faced similar challenges. Join us for a hosted conversation around a relevant topic, with time for your questions and stories during "tea and sympathy". The series is organized by our Publishing Advisory Group.

Join us for collegial connections and pragmatic recommendations so you can build an open textbook publishing program that fits your context and meets your students’ needs.

"I so enjoy being a part of Pub101! I can always rely on the community and the open curriculum to guide me through all my open publishing needs."

Gabby Hernandez
Open Education Librarian
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

“Tea Time is such a great way to learn about new things and meet people who share my passion for open publishing. I always have a blast bouncing ideas around with everyone!”

Amanda Larson
Affordable Learning Instructional Consultant
The Ohio State University

You don't have to do it alone. Start building your open publishing program today!

Professional Development

Pub101 is an informal, synchronous orientation to open textbook publishing based on our openly available curriculum. You’ll gain a helpful overview of what’s involved in publishing open textbooks at the project and program level, all the while learning from thoughtful facilitators who are focused on your needs.

Pub101 curriculum is maintained and revised by the Pub101 Committee, a group of experienced library publishers and former Pub101 participants from across the network. It provides a solid foundation from which to build your open textbook publishing vision and operation.

Our Introduction to OER Publishing Workshop invites faculty authors to write an open textbook by keeping the process as simple and straightforward as possible. Uses the "building the case" methodology that's proven effective. Learn more about our current workshops.


As a member of the Open Education Network, you are invited to evaluate platforms and tools for your local publishing context. However, tools can only do so much! We also offer programmatic and community support.
  • Ketty
    A pilot group is working with Ketty, a web-based book production platform, and the Open Textbook Planner, a new tool for planning and structuring open textbooks. The pilot group will share their feedback with the Ketty development team to inform future iterations of the tools.
  • Manifold
    An expanded pilot group is currently experimenting with Manifold, a web publishing workflow, for open educational practices. We are exploring whether to offer Manifold to the community beyond 2024.
  • Pressbooks
    Pressbooks offers institutional members a complimentary one-year subscription to the Collaboration plan ($400 value). Pressbooks also offers institutional members 30% off single-institution Pressbooks enterprise networks. For more information about this discount, go to Pressbooks.
  • Scribe
    Scribe is a professional publishing service organization that provides a range of editing, design, and production services. They are experienced professionals who can help you get your open textbook published.