OEN Workshops 

The Foundation for Your Open Education Initiatives

Why Workshops?

The Open Education Network (OEN) offers a thoughtful selection of professional development opportunities, including faculty and train-the-trainer workshops that educate and motivate participants, and dispel common misconceptions about open education.  

Invite an experienced OEN presenter to skillfully deliver the workshop of your choice, empowering you to lead your own workshops locally. Our current workshops are listed below and available to OEN members only.

Virtual Introductory Workshops for Faculty

This is a virtual session led by an OEN presenter. We will provide your institution's faculty with foundational knowledge of open education that can support students and improve educational outcomes. Added bonus: By observing this workshop, you can prepare yourself to lead subsequent workshops for your faculty in the future.
  • Audience: Faculty of OEN member institutions; maximum 75 participants
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Options (Choose one):

    1. Introduction to OER Adoption Workshop: Introduces faculty to open textbooks - one type of open educational resource (OER) and the benefits these textbooks offer: affordability, pedagogical practice, student learning, and engagement. Faculty are then invited to engage with open textbooks by writing a brief review of a book in the Open Textbook Library, a strategy proven to increase likelihood that faculty will adopt OER for their courses.

    2. Introduction to Open Pedagogy Workshop: Introduces faculty to the concept of open pedagogy, demonstrating how its use makes learning more inclusive, showing examples of open pedagogy in practice, and pointing to a series of action steps and resources for those intending to practice open pedagogy.
  • Cost: $1,200

Virtual Train-the-Trainer Workshops for Faculty Support Professionals

This virtual session is designed for those who want to learn more about starting or improving open education programs. This workshop will be led by a pair of OEN presenters preparing attendees to confidently lead the Introduction to OER Adoption or Introduction to Open Pedagogy faculty workshops (see above) on their campuses. We will equip participants with all of the associated slide decks and curriculum to adapt content for local needs.

The OEN also offers these virtual train-the-trainer sessions to our community members annually at OEN Engage!
  • Audience: Professionals from OEN member consortia or statewide systems who support faculty with open education; maximum 75 participants
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Options (Choose one):

    1. Train-the-Trainer: Introduction to OER Adoption Workshop: Teaches faculty support professionals how to demonstrate to faculty that open textbooks lower student costs and increase educational equity. Participants will also learn how to encourage faculty to engage with open textbooks by inviting faculty to review a book in the Open Textbook Library.

    2. Train-the-Trainer: Introduction to Open Pedagogy Workshop: Teaches faculty support professionals how to effectively facilitate an open pedagogy workshop and an open pedagogy learning circle for faculty and faculty partners.
  • Cost: $3,200

In-Person Visit

An OEN presenter or presenters will visit your campus in person to present customized content specific to your open education goals, needs, and interests. We will share actionable insight and resources to help you launch or expand your initiatives.
  • Audience: Faculty, open education practitioners, campus partners, administrators, and/or students from an OEN member institution, consortium or state system (Depending on request/needs) 
  • Duration: Up to 6 hours of training and meetings per day
  • Topic: Customizable and can include the workshop(s) listed in the sections above
  • Estimated Cost: Starting at $6,595 (Single day within the contiguous U.S. May vary depending on needs.)

Getting Started

Would you like to plan a virtual workshop or discuss options for an in-person visit? Let's talk. Contact Barb Thees, Director of Community Engagement, to get started.

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