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More than 1,800 public and private higher education institutions, consortia, and regional systems have joined our community. Becoming part of the Open Education Network (OEN) starts with a conversation. Let’s talk about how we can make higher education more affordable, equitable, and accessible by working together. 

Membership Benefits


Based on your local goals and context, select from proven strategies to grow open education practices at your own pace.
  • Community support systems
  • Impact tracking tools
  • Faculty engagement strategies
  • Leadership development
  • Story amplification


Rather than working in isolation, save time, effort and costs by building on our community’s expansive knowledge. 
  • Staff capacity support
  • Certificate pricing at cost
  • Pressbooks discount (at their discretion)


As a member, support openly available resources and opportunities that contribute to the common good.
  • Open Textbook Library
  • Open Pedagogy Portal
  • Professional development
  • Openly licensed curricula
  • Adaptable templates and toolkits


Find connection with your colleagues at OEN Engage! annually. This week-long event helps you optimize your membership.
  • Resources, tools, and training
  • Programmatic next steps
  • Connection and camaraderie

Program by SBTS is licensed CC BY 3.0, Piggy Bank by Numero Uno is licensed CC BY 3.0,
Collective by Leinad Lehmko is licensed CC BY 3.0

Membership Types

  • Institutional 
    Individual institutions enjoy direct access to the community, along with tools and resources to build and sustain open education programs on your campus. If your institution is part of a library consortium, department of higher education, board of regents, or regional system that is an OEN member, then institutional membership is available at a significantly reduced rate.

  • Consortial
    As a library consortium, department of higher education, board of regents, or regional system, you’ll enjoy similar benefits to institutional members, and have the ability to select leaders to liaise with the OEN and share resources with your broader member community.

Annual Community Fee

Your membership is sustained by an annual Community Fee, effective July 1-June 30 of the membership year. Please note that the community has planned for 5% annual increases through 2025-26 in order to build a more sustainable organization.

Our current membership cycle is July 1, 2024 - June 30, 2025. Membership type, correlating annual fee, and benefits are as follows: 
Institutional Members Consortial Members
Cost: 2024-2025 $1,823/yr ($608/yr Reduced Rate*) $4,254/yr
OTL Reviews
Data Dashboard
Community of Practice
Community Hub
OEN Engage!
Publishing Cooperative
One Year Free Pressbooks Access** Up to 5 Projects
Pressbooks 30% Discount
* Institutions that are a part of OEN member consortia or regional systems are eligible to join our community as an institutional member at the reduced rate. **Note: Pressbooks offers preferential pricing at their discretion.