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OEN Engage! July 22-26, 2024

OEN Engage! is the Open Education Network’s annual get-together, a virtual opportunity for our members to glean insight, sharpen critical skills, and leverage our community’s strengths as we create an ever growing, shared abundance of knowledge. We’re here to re-connect with old friends and welcome new colleagues, collaboratively transforming higher education into an equitable space of belonging for all learners and educators.

OEN members, join us this summer as we:
  • Explore intriguing topics like open pedagogy and open publishing, and introduce our exciting new workshop for faculty: Introduction to OER Publishing;
  • Learn best practices for hosting faculty workshops and making the most of OEN resources, e.g., the data dashboard, Community Hub, onboarding course, and more;
  • Connect with open education advocates who thrive in the camaraderie and community of the OEN. (Sneak peek: you’re gonna love the Community Coworking Jam!)

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OEN Engage! 2024 registration is open. Sign up today to join our community’s virtual get-together happening July 22-26. All OEN members, as well as institutions that are a part of OEN member consortia and regional systems are welcome. No cost to participate. We can’t wait to see you! 

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OEN Engage! 2024 Session Lineup

OEN Community Focus 2024-25: For the Benefit of All 10am-10:45am Dave Ernst, OEN
Learn more about the OEN's latest initiatives as well as our organization's strategic direction from Executive Director, Dave Ernst.
OEN 101 11am-11:45am Barb Thees, OEN
Looking to gain clarity on the foundational programs and tools available to you as an OEN member? Your most valuable asset is the community that surrounds you. Learn about opportunities to connect directly with your peers at OEN events, through the Colleague Connector program, or if you're a system or consortial lead, by participating in the Nourishing Interconsortial Collaborative Excellence (NICE) Forum. The session also includes an overview of the basic tools in your OEN toolbox, including the Google Group community of practice, Community Hub, and Data Dashboard. It will culminate with an opportunity to ask any lingering questions you may have.
Community Coworking Jam 2pm-2:55pm Abbey Childs, Virginia Commonwealth University; Mandi Goodsett, Cleveland State University
Got a task that’s been lingering on your to do list? Research shows that working in the presence of others, even virtually, can improve your ability to focus. Join this session to devote time to that nagging task, review OEN materials like the onboarding course or data dashboard documentation, or take a beat to peruse the Community Hub alongside your fellow members. You’ll have the choice to co-work in a silent breakout room, or choose the jam session breakout that will play crowdsourced background music (come ready with a song to share if you choose this room!). After coworking together, you’ll have the option to wrap the session by connecting in small groups over what you’re working on.
Train-the-Trainer: Introduction to OER Adoption Workshop 10am-11:55am Cheryl Casey, University of Arizona; Meggie Mapes, University of Kansas
During this two-hour workshop, participants will learn how to demonstrate to faculty that open textbooks remove barriers to learning and increase educational equity as well as address common questions about open textbooks. Participants will also learn how to encourage faculty to engage with open textbooks by inviting faculty to review a book in the Open Textbook Library.
Tips & Best Practices for Hosting the Introduction to OER Adoption Workshop 1pm-1:55pm Micah Gjeltema, University of Minnesota; Gabby Hernandez, University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley; Amy Hofer, LinnBenton Community College; Maria Taylor, Berea College
Attend this session to hear from a panel of fellow members with plenty of experience successfully leading Introduction to OER Adoption workshops for faculty. Take away tips, best practices, and fresh ideas to apply to your own in terms of planning, communication, implementation, and workshop follow-up.
So, You're Thinking About Publishing... 10am-10:45am Karen Lauritsen, OEN
This session introduces the types of publishing support offered by the OEN community. It’s designed for people who are interested in launching an OER publishing program, exploring publishing tools, or simply learning more about a variety of publishing scenarios and resources.
Train-the-Trainer: Introduction to OER Publishing Workshop 1pm-2:15pm Kelly Smith, Eastern Kentucky University
During this 75 minute workshop, participants will learn how to introduce faculty to writing and publishing open textbooks. We’ll set the scene by describing obstacles students face and introduce how open textbooks may address them. We’ll then explore the rewards faculty may enjoy as a result of writing their own open textbook, while acknowledging the challenges too. Finally we’ll touch on other ways open textbooks can improve student success, and end with next steps for faculty who may want to participate in a local OER publishing program.
Train-the Trainer: Introduction to Open Pedagogy Workshop 10am-11:55am Tanya Grosz, OEN; Jamie Witman, OEN
During this two-hour workshop, participants will learn to introduce faculty to the concept of open pedagogy and demonstrate why its use makes learning more inclusive while showing examples of open pedagogy in practice and suggesting a series of follow-up action steps for faculty hoping to practice open pedagogy.
Community Action Session 12:30pm-1:45pm OEN Steering Committee; Meggan Houlihan, Open Society University Network; Dave Ernst, OEN
Collectively, the OEN community has created significant change for students, faculty, and higher education. Can we dream even bigger? We want to explore the possibilities with you! How might we leverage our collective knowledge to make a difference beyond our own institutions? Join us to generate ideas for collective action.
Open Pedagogy Resources Overview 2pm-2:55pm Tanya Grosz, OEN; Jamie Witman, OEN
This session will provide an overview of the suite of open pedagogy resources and tools created by the OEN community to support educational professionals engaging with open pedagogy.
Colleague Connector Live 11am-11:55am OEN Community Members; Barb Thees, OEN
The best part about our community is the people in it! You’ve heard of the yearlong Colleague Connector program; come get a glimpse of what it’s like to connect informally with your fellow community members during this expedited version. Over the course of this lively session, you’ll experience 3 short breakout rooms with 3-4 people each, connecting over conversation prompts related to your work, the OEN Engage! experience, and what inspires you as an open education practitioner. We hope that this session helps you feel more connected to your amazing OEN colleagues and close the week on a high note!

Engaging Our Community

OEN Engage!  inspires all of us to embrace the OEN community's Guiding Principles which include the statement that, "Our collective knowledge exists in abundance. We are committed to using this abundance for the benefit of all." As an OEN member, whether newcomer or seasoned pro, you’ll find ample opportunities at OEN Engage! to hone your skills and enrich your understanding of open education. Session details are being finalized now for:

  • New members: Sessions to orient you to our community, help you envision what open education can look like at your institution, and empower you to lead successful and sustainable open education initiatives
  • Longstanding members: Sessions to help you to define your “next steps” in open ed advocacy, fuel your momentum, and challenge you with open education leadership opportunities
  • All members: Opportunities to connect with fellow community members who share your interests and goals, and who are committed to sharing their recommendations and resources

2023 Attendees' Comments

I appreciate the time and effort put into this event. All of the speakers were excellent."

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge so freely and fostering such a wonderful feeling of community."

I can take what you’ve provided and tailor it to my institution with little effort…. None of us need to be reinventing the wheel at this point."

Additional Information

Our OEN Engage! Community Norms summarize our goals, commitment to attendees, and expected behaviors to create a safe, welcoming virtual event space for our community.

Questions? Reach out to Barb at thee0017@umn.edu for more information.