Less Conference...More Connection

OEN Engage! July 10-13, 2023

Introducing the next generation of the Open Education Network's community gathering: OEN Engage! New in 2023, OEN Engage! is a virtual event that takes its cue from you, our community. You told us you’d like plug-and-play resources to maximize your time, plentiful opportunities to connect with fellow OEN members, and a comprehensive look at how to get the most from membership.

OEN Engage! delivers: 
  • Our expanded suite of workshops - including a brand new Open Pedagogy Workshop that integrates facilitated faculty learning circles, and the OER Adoption Workshop (formerly OEN Faculty Workshop) revised, updated and improved.
  • Lots more chances to say hello (and ditch that sense of isolation)!
  • Outstanding connection with all the resources, learning opportunities, and unparalleled support this community offers - intentionally suited to the depth and breadth of your open education experience.

Registration is Closed

The 2023 OEN Engage! event has concluded. Visit our YouTube channel to view video recordings of most sessions. Information about the next OEN Engage! event will be shared in spring 2024.

OEN Engage! 2023 Session Lineup

Annual Member Update 10am-11am Dave Ernst, OEN
Learn more about the OEN's latest initiatives as well as our organization's strategic direction from Executive Director, Dave Ernst.
OEN 101 11am-12pm Barb Thees, OEN
Looking to gain clarity on the foundational tools available to you as an OEN member? Your most valuable asset is the community that surrounds you! Learn about opportunities to connect directly with your peers, by being paired one-on-one through the Colleague Connector program, or if you're a system or consortial lead, by participating in the Nourishing Interconsortial Collaborative Excellence (NICE) Forum. The session also includes an interactive overview of the basic tools in your OEN toolbox, including the Google Group community of practice, Community Hub, and the Data Dashboard. It will culminate with an opportunity to ask any lingering questions you may have.
Connect with Community: Story of Self Circles 2:30pm-3:30pm Barb Thees, OEN
In times of professional burnout and limited resources, connecting on a human level is one of the most important ways in which we can show up for one another in the OEN community. And as humans, we are wired to connect and express ourselves through stories. During this session, we will use the story circle format as a means of connecting with fellow community members through our journeys to becoming open education advocates, by responding to the question: What brought you to where you are now, and where do you hope to take it from here? After a short introduction, we will divide into breakout rooms of 4-6 people. Each person will have a few minutes to share their story of self uninterrupted, while the rest of the group listens. After each individual has shared, the small group will discuss any similarities, differences, or themes that emerged during storytelling. We hope that this opportunity to reflect on and share your open education story, and listen to those of others in our community leaves you feeling connected, refreshed, and inspired leading into the week!
Train-the-Trainer: OER Adoption Workshop 10:30am-1:30pm Meggie Mapes, University of Kansas; Cheryl Casey, University of Arizona
Learn how to demonstrate to faculty how open textbooks lower student costs and increase educational equity, and then invite them to engage with open textbooks by reviewing a book in the Open Textbook Library.
Introduction to Publishing Support 2:30pm-3:30pm Karen Lauritsen, OEN
Publishing open textbooks can be complex and isolating, especially when you’re the only one doing the work. You don’t have to go it alone! The OEN includes a community of helpful people who want to support your publishing goals. Join us to learn about the publishing resources and opportunities available to you as an OEN member including professional development, infrastructure and services.
Tips and Best Practices for Hosting the OER Adoption Workshop 12pm-1pm Josh Bolick, University of Kansas; Emily Frank, LOUIS; Tanya Grosz, OEN; Jennifer Lantrip, Pacific University; Kim Lynch, Minnesota State; Di Zhang, Renton Technical College
Attend this session to hear from fellow members with plenty of experience successfully leading OER Adoption workshops, and take away tips, best practices, and fresh ideas to apply to your own in terms of planning, communication, implementation, and follow up for workshops.
Train-the Trainer: Open Pedagogy Workshop (New!) 10:30am-1:30pm Tanya Grosz, OEN; Jamie Witman, OEN
Join us to learn how to effectively facilitate an open pedagogy workshop and an open pedagogy learning circle for faculty and faculty partners. We will equip you with all of the associated slide decks and curriculum to be able to adapt for your own local needs.
Engage! Encore 2:30pm-3:15pm
Looking back on the week, have any questions bubbled up for you? What are your takeaways? Did any sessions leave you energized or wanting to continue the conversation? Join your fellow community members for informal discussion revisiting a topic that we covered. You will have the ability to choose from the following themed breakout rooms: Train-the-Trainer: OER Adoptions Workshop, Train-the-Trainer: Open Pedagogy Workshop, Publishing, and Just Here to Celebrate. Whether you join to ask follow-up questions, share your thoughts, or simply to socialize, there is a space for you here and we look forward to wrapping up the week together!

Engaging Our Community

OEN Engage! celebrates our individual strengths, collective knowledge, and shared commitment to serving the common good. Together, we’ll be inspired and empowered to continue “championing ideas that will have a lasting benefit for the students, faculty, and staff of academic institutions and the future of learning” as conveyed in the OEN Guiding Principles.

From open ed beginners to seasoned pros, all attendees will find our inaugural OEN Engage! packed with smart strategies, energizing connections, and key resources. Check the session lineup for opportunities designed to enrich:
  • New members: Sessions to orient you to our community, help you envision what open education can look like at your institution, and empower you to lead successful and sustainable open education initiatives
  • Longstanding members: Sessions to help you to define your “next step” in open ed advocacy, fuel your momentum, and challenge you with open education leadership opportunities
  • All members: Opportunities to connect with fellow community members who share your interests and goals, and who are committed to sharing their recommendations and resources
"I am really looking forward to learning from and engaging with this group."

Sonya Durney
University of New England
New OEN member

"I find the work shared from the OEN to be inspiring, and it helps me connect with practitioners I otherwise would never have met."

Adrian Stagg
University of Southern Queensland
Long-term OEN member

Additional Information

Our OEN Engage! Community Norms summarize our goals, commitment to attendees, and expected behaviors to create a safe, welcoming virtual event space for our community.

Questions? Reach out to Barb at thee0017@umn.edu for more information.