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New Open Pedagogy Portal Welcomes Submissions

The Open Pedagogy Portal is an open repository created by the Open Education Network (OEN) as an online source for open pedagogy case studies, student work, and teaching/learning resources in higher education. The site officially went live August 15, 2023, and welcomes submissions. You do not need to be affiliated with an OEN institution to participate. 

Posted on 9/27/23

Implementing Open Educational Practices: Prince George’s Community College

Victoria Taylor is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Prince George’s Community College (PGCC) in Largo, Maryland. Jeffrey Potter is PGCC Interim Director – Library & Learning Resources, and together the two have teamed up to implement an OEP pilot study in eight sections of Psychology 1010. Their goal: to close the gap in student readiness for reading, understanding, and conducting research in general psychology courses.

Posted on 8/16/23

Manifold Case Study: Eastern Kentucky University

The OEN's Karen Lauritsen recently welcomed Kelly Smith and Laura Edwards from Eastern Kentucky University Libraries to discuss their Manifold pilot project, SWK 340: Social Work Research Methods OER Collection. In addition, Terence Smyre and Robin Miller from the Manifold team talked about the upcoming Manifold V8 release and answered questions.

Posted on 8/7/23

OEN Launches Ketida & Open Textbook Planner Pilot

This summer, the Open Education Network (OEN) is excited to launch its Ketida and Open Textbook Planner Pilot. The pilot will provide members with an opportunity to use the web-based book production platform to create new open textbooks and to share what they learn with the broader community. 

Posted on 7/25/23

The Next Generation of the OEN Community Gathering: OEN Engage!

This summer the Open Education Network (OEN) is pleased to introduce OEN Engage! The inaugural, four-day virtual event invites the OEN community to celebrate our collective knowledge, individual strengths, and commitment to serving the common good through open education. All members are welcome, and there’s no cost to participate.

Posted on 6/14/23

Pub101: Working with Authors

Pub101 is a free, informal, online orientation to open textbook publishing. This May 18, 2023, session is the seventh and final episode in our series this year. Host Amanda Larson of The Ohio State University is joined by guest speaker Abbey Elder of Iowa State University to offer practical guidance on working with faculty authors.

Posted on 5/19/23

Open Textbook Planner & Ketida Demo

Host Karen Lauritsen of the Open Education Network is joined by Christina Tromp, Coko Foundation project manager, to review and discuss the Open Textbook Planner and Ketida publishing tools.

Posted on 5/19/23

Pub101: Memorandums of Understanding

This May 11, 2023, session is the sixth in our series this year. Host Heather Caprette of Cleveland State University is joined by guest speaker Carla Myers of Miami University Libraries for a discussion of MOUs.

Posted on 5/15/23

Pub101: Call for Proposals

Pub101 is a free, informal, online orientation to open textbook publishing. This May 4, 2023, session is the fifth in our series this year. Host Angelique Carson of Washington Research Library Consortium is joined by guest speaker Karen Bjork of Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries for a discussion of the call for proposals.

Posted on 5/9/23

Implementing Open Educational Practices: Iowa State University

The team from Iowa State University pairs Abbey Elder, Open Access & Scholarly Communication Librarian, and Sayali Kukday, Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Genetics, Development, and Cell Biology. Abbey and Sayali are currently implementing OEP in an online, asynchronous STEM course, Biology 313: Principles of Genetics, with approximately 150 students enrolled.

Posted on 5/8/23

Pub101: Publishing Models

Pub101 is a free, informal, online orientation to open textbook publishing. This April 27, 2023, session is the fourth in our series this year. Host Christina Trunnell of Montana State University Library is joined by guest speaker Amanda Larson of The Ohio State University for a discussion of publishing models.

Posted on 5/1/23

Pub101: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Publishing

This April 20, 2023, session is the third in our series this year. Host Phoebe Daurio of Open Oregon Educational Resources is joined by guest speaker Christina Trunnell of Montana State University Library for a discussion of diversity, equity, and inclusion in publishing.

Posted on 4/24/23

Pub101: Accessibility and Inclusion in OER

This April 13, 2023, session is the second in our series this year. Host Amanda Hurford of the Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI) is joined by guest speaker Jacqueline Frank of Montana State University for a discussion of accessibility and inclusion in OER.

Posted on 4/17/23

Committee Refreshes Pub101 to Support Community

This year Pub101 sessions began April 6, offering a curriculum that has been extensively revised by our Pub101 Committee. It focuses on what librarians and others supporting faculty authors need most to get the work done in constrained environments while maintaining their wellbeing.

Posted on 4/12/23

Pub101: Kick-off 2023

Pub101 is a free, informal, online orientation to open textbook publishing. You’ll hear from your OEN colleagues who have worked on open textbook publishing projects and what they’ve learned. In this 2023 initial session, OEN Publishing Director Karen Lauritsen provides foundation setting and facilitates discussion with guests Gabby Hernandez and Sunyeen Pai on how to get started with publishing. 

Posted on 4/11/23

Implementing Open Educational Practices: Athens Technical College

In fall 2022, the Open Education Network (OEN) selected 15 teams to participate in the initial cohort of the Certificate in Open Educational Practices (OEP). Now in the home stretch, the 2022-23 teams are implementing their action plans at higher education institutions throughout the U.S. We’re catching up with a few for a glimpse of their resourcefulness and key takeaways.

Posted on 3/29/23

Creating an Open Textbook: The Science of Sleep

Sheryl Shook's first openly licensed textbook features chapters she researched and wrote on sleep wellness, circadian rhythm, dreams, sleep disorders, and more. For each topic, she would start by thinking, what do I want my students to learn? What do I want my students to be able to do when they’re done with this class?”

Posted on 2/27/23

OEN Welcomes University of Sheffield as First UK Member

The Open Education Network (OEN) is pleased to welcome the University of Sheffield, a leading research institution, as our first community member based in the United Kingdom. 

Posted on 1/27/23

OEN Launches Publishing Cooperative Advisory Group

The Open Education Network’s (OEN) Publishing Cooperative Advisory Group is a new standing group with a visionary, strategic and action-oriented purpose. Launching in January 2023, the group will be responsible for maintaining and facilitating a community-driven Publishing Cooperative that reflects the OEN’s Guiding Principles.

Posted on 1/10/23

November Office Hours: Reflections on Community

This is year five of Office Hours and our final 59th session.  ...we thought we would reflect, not just only on the Office Hours experience that we’ve shared together many of us once a month for the last few years, but also on the open education community more broadly. Where we were five years ago as a community, and even in our own sort of individual professional lives and careers, where we think we might be five years from now and so on.

Posted on 11/29/22

Office Hours: Five Years of Open Conversation

Office Hours has been a monthly opportunity for the open education community to discuss open publishing and related topics since 2017. After five years, the 59th and final Office Hours session co-hosted by the Open Education Network (OEN) and Rebus Community was held in November 2022.

Posted on 11/21/22

Congratulations to the 2022 Certificate in OER Librarianship Cohort

The Open Education Network (OEN) acknowledges and celebrates the librarians who completed the 2022 Certificate in OER Librarianship.

Posted on 10/14/22

September Office Hours: Trauma-Informed Pedagogy in Open Education

Today, we are fortunate to be joined by three guests, and all of you, to talk about trauma-informed pedagogy in open education. As usual, we will hear briefly from our three guests, around five minutes each. And then once they’ve finished introducing their perspective and views on the topic we will look to all of you to have this conversation with us together.

Posted on 10/10/22

Amanda Larson Selected as Open Education Network Faculty Fellow

The Open Education Network (OEN) congratulates Amanda Larson, Affordable Learning Instructional Consultant at The Ohio State University, recently selected for the OEN 2022-2023 Faculty Fellowship.

Posted on 9/29/22

New in 2022: OEN Summit Watch Parties

Summit Watch Parties are designed to enable guests to gather and participate in groups as they feel comfortable. The OEN launched this on-site/virtual hybrid as an option for members who miss the in-person interaction and personal connections sparked by Summits past. 

Posted on 9/26/22

The OEN Selects OEP Certificate Participants

Fifteen teams (one librarian and one faculty per team) have been named to take part in the program and collaborate to create accessible, inclusive, and student-centered teaching practices.

Posted on 9/2/22

August Office Hours: Legitimizing Burnout in Open Education Roles

Today’s topic was inspired by the reality of our lives, particularly over the last couple of years and what we’ve heard from the community about burnout and fatigue. And the desire to try and lean on and support one another to keep going.

Posted on 8/31/22

Member Spotlight: Arkansas Community Colleges

The Open Education Network (OEN) extends a warm welcome to Arkansas Community Colleges (ACC), a newer member of the OEN community.

Posted on 8/22/22

June Office Hours: Happy Five Years of Office Hours

Well, hello everybody and welcome to our 56th Office Hours and also our Office Hours session that marks five years of Rebus Community and the Open Education Network coming together to talk about various topics in open.

Posted on 6/29/22

Celebrating a Decade of the Open Textbook Library: The Recap

In the sixth and concluding post in this series, we’re revisiting some highlights of our 2022 birthday celebration. The library’s milestone prompted us to reflect on challenges overcome, appreciate meaningful progress, and extend our sincere thanks to all who’ve played a role in the library’s growth and success to date. That includes you! 

Posted on 6/9/22

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