Jasmine Roberts Named Open Education Network Faculty Fellow (2021-2022)

Published on June 8th, 2021

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The Open Education Network (OEN) announces the naming of its first Faculty Fellow, Jasmine Roberts, who teaches at The Ohio State University’s School of Communication. 

In this new role, Jasmine will focus on how the community can ground open education practices in social justice. The scope of the work will be wide-reaching and include informing curriculum development, outreach, and strategic planning over the next academic year. 

“The Faculty Fellow role will bring new ideas and perspectives to open education and shape the field,” said Dave Ernst, the Open Education Network’s Executive Director. “Jasmine’s work focuses on aligning open education and social justice, and will result in actionable steps our community can take in making higher education more equitable.”

Jasmine has been an OEN faculty presenter since 2017, and is the author of the open textbook “Writing for Strategic Communication Industries” (CC-BY-NC). She was also a research fellow with the Open Education Group in 2017-2019. She will begin the OEN Faculty Fellow role in July 2021.

“I am excited for the opportunity to help the Open Education Network in creating more socially-just practices and curricula that will assist key stakeholders and institutions,” said Jasmine Roberts. “Social justice education is very hard work, but necessary. I am happy to see that the Open Education Network is truly committed to this work.”

Scholar and Advocate

Jasmine teaches communication campaigns and strategic communication writing in upper-level undergraduate courses at The Ohio State University. Her areas of expertise include public relations writing, campaign strategy, global marketing, feminist media, and media effects.

Along with her communication expertise, Jasmine demonstrates a commitment to helping students from underrepresented backgrounds. As a leader in open education, Jasmine advocates for educational ecosystems that are accessible, affordable, equitable, and inclusive. Jasmine also serves as faculty advisor for the Ohio State University’s collegiate chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) as well as faculty mentor for the Second-Year Transformational Experience Program (STEP).

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