Updates to Data Dashboard Reflect OEN Community Needs

Published on July 12th, 2021

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Updated in June 2021, the new Open Education Data Dashboard is a platform that has been thoughtfully revised to improve Open Education Network (OEN) members’ ability to collect and manage data, streamline communications, and coordinate work through governed access and selective sharing of information. 

Community driven
First launched in 2018, the Data Dashboard is a tool for managing open education initiatives. According to Dave Ernst, OEN Executive Director, the new dashboard has been revised based on continued OEN member input. “Our goal is to respond to the OEN community with a tool that’s useful,” said Ernst. “The new dashboard is ready to help manage information related to all open education initiatives, capable of tracking data on financials, engagement, and people.” 

OEN Community Manager Barb Thees reiterated Ernst’s observation, stating, “The entire yearlong development process, from the initial needs assessment to usability testing, was community driven.” 

Track open education initiatives’ impact
The new dashboard enables administrators to track the impact of their open education initiatives, create reports, and analyze statistics related to OER adoptions, student enrollments and savings, textbook reviews, and more. 

Ernst notes that when collective data is examined from a broad perspective like the dashboard can provide, the information has the potential to inform decisions to benefit the common good. “If enough OEN members track their data through the dashboard,” said Ernst, “our whole community may eventually be able make informed decisions in a way that’s beneficial to us all.”

Improved platform
While the look of the new dashboard is familiar, the improved platform boasts important new features, including the ability to: 

  • Track a variety of open education initiatives that capture the full scope of members’ work.
  • Tag programs and events to improve organization and reporting customization.
  • Calculate student savings and program return on investment. 
  • Better organize individual participant data. 
  • Invite instructors to update their own adoption and enrollment information.
  • Download detailed reports and data visuals.
Through December 2021, the OEN is offering a variety of online opportunities to help familiarize designated dashboard administrators with this expanded functionality, and learn to apply it to gain insights into open education programs, offerings, and events. Designated dashboard administrators, please visit OEN Upcoming Events for specific dates and times. Quarterly trainings and bimonthly drop-in sessions are anticipated to continue into 2022. Questions regarding the Open Education Data Dashboard? Contact OEN Community Manager, Barb Thees.

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