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Sexuality, the Self, and Society

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Susan Rahman, Kentfield, CA

Nathan Bowman

Dahmitra Jackson

Copyright Year: 2022

Publisher: Susan Rahman

Language: English

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Reviewed by MaKenzie Johnson, Senior Lecturer, University of Wisconsin - Superior on 2/22/23

This book covers an extensive amount of information on sexuality and its development in ourselves and culturally. The chapters are laid out in a way that makes sense as a reader, and also has smaller subheadings to help readers find information. I... read more

Table of Contents

  • Sexuality, the Self, and Society
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: What is Human Sexuality?
  • Chapter 2: Research Methods and Ethics in Human Sexuality
  • Chapter 3: Development and Structure of The Human Reproductive System
  • Chapter 4: Pleasure, Sexual Arousal and Response
  • Chapter 5: Gender Identity, Gender Roles, and Gender Differences
  • Chapter 6: Sexual Orientation
  • Chapter 7: Bias and Discrimination in Human Sexuality
  • Chapter 8: Attraction, Love and Relationship Formation
  • Chapter 9: Relationship Styles, Communication, Sexual Behavior, and Fantasies
  • Chapter 10: Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Chapter 11: Sexuality Through the Lifespan
  • Chapter 12: Contraception, Abortion, and Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Chapter 13: Sexual Health
  • Chapter 14: Consent, Coercion, and Sexual Violence
  • Chapter 15: Sex(uality) Work that Engages with the Body
  • Sexuality, The Self, and Society Conclusion

Ancillary Material

  • Susan Rahman
  • About the Book

    Content included in Sexuality, the Self, and Society is aligned with the typical scope for an introductory, interdisciplinary Human Sexuality Textbook. It is written to be a complete text for a semester length course but could be used, in part, reorganized, or edited in true OER fashion. It is meant to be accessible, relevant, and inclusive. It also will not remain static meaning that the author will continue to update periodically and those who adopt may do so as they see fit.

    About the Contributors


    Susan Rahman has been teaching Human Sexuality since 2011. She is a professor of Sociology and Behavioral Sciences with an interest in social justice. She teaches a variety of Sociology and Behavioral Science courses at two Northern California schools. She is also a mother and an activist.

    Nathan Bowman earned his undergraduate degree in sociology and labor as well as an MA degree in educational leadership. Nathan works full-time as a democratic and progressive political consultant. Nathan is committed to civic engagement and mission driven work that allows all people to achieve social mobility.

    Dahmitra Jackson is a BIWOC with 10 years’ experience in non-profit social service work. She has a desire to be a part of intersectional work with the goal of educating, serving communities, and building an inclusive society for everyone

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