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Visuals for influence: in project management and beyond

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Bronte van der Hoorn, University of Southern Queensland

Copyright Year: 2021

ISBN 13: 9780648769866

Publisher: University of Southern Queensland

Language: English

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Reviewed by Suanne Barthol, Assistant Professor, Metropolitan State University on 2/27/24

The book is very thorough, beginning with the theory of visualization and some basic design concepts. There are also templates available for download which can be customized and used immediately. read more

Reviewed by Jeremy Roberts, Professor of Practice, West Virginia University on 4/8/22

The OER covers the subject extensively and appropriately. However, it does not provide an index or glossary to find specific concepts. read more

Reviewed by April Schofield, Senior Lecturer and Director, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 1/30/22

I evaluated this book to incorporate into a specific module in a sales class. It provides all of the information the students would need to develop a professional presentation. It includes the basics and more in-depth information. The concepts in... read more

Table of Contents

  • Part A: Get visual, build influence, drive action
    • 1. A call to visualise
    • 2. The science of visuals
    • 3. Visuals in project work
  • Part B: Visual fundamentals
    • 4. Tools for creating visuals
    • 5. Visual norms and styling
    • 6. The design process
  • Part C: Visual archetypes for project management
    • Archetype 1: Comparison between options
    • Archetype 2: Comparison over time
    • Archetype 3: Variable-based comparison
    • Archetype 4: Sequence - timeline of activities
    • Archetype 5: Sequence - process timeline
    • Archetype 6: Reasons and drivers
    • Archetype 7: Anticipated outcomes or benefits
    • Archetype 8: Related items
    • Archetype 9: Hierarchy of items
    • Archetype 10: Comparison of relative values
    • Archetype 11: Pictorial - contributions of parts to outcomes
    • Archetype 12: Progress tracking

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About the Book

‘Visuals for influence: in project management and beyond’ is a practical guide with 24 visuals to download, adapt and deploy to engage your stakeholders. This practical guide will build your confidence and practical skills to quickly and effectively leverage the benefits of visuals to maximise your influence.

About the Contributors


Dr Bronte van der Hoorn is a project management academic with a strong practice background. Her project management experience ranges from government, to finance, and education with a particular focus on stakeholder and change management. Bronte uses visuals extensively in her own work and alongside her research interest in this area, she is committed to supporting other project managers to build their visualisation skills. Bronte publishes in international peer-reviewed project management journals and presents her research at various forums across the globe. Bronte can be contacted at

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