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Unfolding the Mystery of Life, Biology Lab Manual for Non-Science Majors

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Ellen Genovesi, Mercer County Community College

Laura Blinderman, Mercer County Community College

Patrick Natale, Mercer County Community College

Copyright Year: 2019

Publisher: Independent

Language: English

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Reviewed by Irfanul Alam, Graduate student, University of Colorado Boulder on 6/11/20

I really appreciate the first chapter, non-majors are less likely to encounter SI units in their academic career so starting the semester off by getting acquainted with this system is ideal for the subsequent experiments. When defining... read more

Reviewed by Michelle Phillips, Assistant Professor, Hawaii Community College on 1/3/20

Biology lab manuals for non-science majors that are a perfect fit for a particular location, level of student, available materials, and the myriad ways in which instructors teach this course are difficult to find, and this manual is a helpful... read more

Reviewed by Jameel Al-Haddad, Instructor, Michigan State University on 11/22/19

The manual is intended for non-majors, pre-biology, and pre-allied health majors. However, after going through the different units, some of the units are suitable for earlier stages such as high school. Several of its units were too basic for a... read more

Reviewed by Carol Mapes, Professor, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania on 11/5/19

This lab manual covers thirteen lab exercises for a one semester introductory biology lab class for non-science majors, pre-biology majors, or pre-allied health majors. It would benefit from at least two additional exercises to work for a 15 week... read more

Reviewed by Jacqueline Spencer, Assistant Professor of Biology, Thomas Nelson Community College on 10/29/19

This new lab manual for nonscience majors, as well as pre-biology and pre-allied health majors, has an unevenness in the quality of the 13 different experiments. While the Table of Contents shows a logical progression of the subject matter,... read more

Table of Contents

  • Exercise 1: The Metric System of Measurement
  • Exercise 2: Microscopy
  • Exercise 3: The Scientific Method
  • Exercise 4: Cell Membrane Biology
  • Exercise 5: Biomolecules
  • Exercise 6: Enzymes
  • Exercise 7: Photosynthesis
  • Exercise 8: Human Genetics & Cytogenetics
  • Exercise 9: Using Genetic Crosses to Analyze a Stickleback Trait
  • Exercise 10: Protein Gel Electrophoresis
  • Exercise 11: Isolation of DNA From Plants
  • Exercise 12: Animal Tissues
  • Exercise 13: Microbiology, Food Microbiology and Disease Transmission

About the Book

This laboratory manual is intended for use in a biology laboratory course taken by non-science majors, pre-biology, and pre-allied health majors.

Laboratory exercises provide students with experience in basic laboratory skills, gathering and organizing data, measuring and calculating, hypothesis testing, analysis of data, writing, and laboratory safety. The skill sets are designed to promote the development of critical thought and analysis. Students work with living and preserved specimens, and laboratory reagents and equipment.

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Ellen Genovesi

Laura Blinderman

Patrick Natale