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Trauma Informed Education

(3 reviews)

Govind Krishnamoorthy, Toowoomba, Australia

Kay Ayre, Joondalup, Australia

Dayna Schimke, Queensland, Australia

Copyright Year: 2023

Publisher: University of Southern Queensland

Language: English

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Reviewed by Rachel Feldwisch, Associate Dean, College of Education & Behavioral Sciences, University of Indianapolis on 1/29/24

The book offers a selection of interviews from educators, health and mental health professionals. However, the topic of Trauma Informed Education remains consistent. An important point of clarification is that the book seems specific to K-12... read more

Reviewed by Rebecca Wylie, Affiliate Instructor, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 10/17/23

The format of this textbook is quite unique. The textbook is based on recorded conversations from the Trauma Informed Education podcast. The textbook also features the original recording at the end of each chapter. There are also QR codes... read more

Reviewed by Caroline Toscano, Instructional Designer (PhD in Educational Psychology), Century College on 3/7/23

This textbook provides a comprehensive review of several important issues in K-12 regarding trauma-informed practice. These issues include helping traumatized children learn, educating students with blocked trust, trauma-informed classroom... read more

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgement of First Peoples

  • Accessibility Information

  • About the Editors

  • Foreword by Dr. Emily Berger

  • Introduction

  • I. Main Body
    • 1. Helping Traumatised Children Learn with Dr. Dave Ziegler

    • 2. Educating Students with Blocked Trust with Dr. Kim Golding

    • 3. Trauma Informed Classroom Management with Betsy de Thierry

    • 4. Teaching Self-Regulation with Ms. Leah Kuypers

    • 5. Conscious Discipline with Dr. Becky Bailey

    • 6. Preventing Challenging Behaviours with Dr. Laura Riffel

    • 7. Trauma Informed Social-Emotional Learning with Professor Maurice Elias

    • 8. Creating Sanctuary in Schools with Professor Sandra Bloom

  • Conclusion by Dayna Schimke

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About the Book

As an educator, have you ever wondered about students, “Why can’t she just control her behaviour?” or “Why did he do that?” The demands of the classroom, and the scrutiny of teachers, often leave little time for teachers to consider the complex needs of children experiencing traumatic stress. Drawing on their lived experience and professional expertise, the conversations with trauma-informed education experts in this unique book offer educators an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the needs of students and strategies for responding with compassion and empathy. In a time of rapidly emerging scientific discovery, and social and political challenges, this book encourages educational leaders to question the fundamental assumptions of dominant pedagogical practices and sets the foundations for innovation in education.

About the Contributors


Dr. Govind Krishnamoorthy is a clinical psychologist and senior academic at the University of Southern Queensland. He has over 15 years of experience in child and youth mental health services in both private and public settings. Govind’s research focuses on improving equity and access to mental healthcare for priority groups of children, youth and their families. Govind is the developer of Trauma Informed Behaviour Support. This novel mental health program promotes trauma-informed care in education and healthcare settings. He coordinates several innovative industry partnerships to promote mental health in children, youth and their families.

Dr. Kay Ayre is a lecturer in Early Childhood Studies in the School of Education at Edith Cowan University Western Australia. Kay has a background in early years teaching and behaviour support spanning 30-plus years. Kay’s research focusses on children’s challenging behaviour, positive behaviour support, and trauma-informed practice. Kay is the co-developer of Trauma Informed Behaviour Support.

Ms. Dayna Schimke is a psychologist working in Private Practice in Queensland. She has worked in both not-forprofit and private settings in both QLD and ACT in various roles and has over 15 years of experience supporting children, young people and families with complex needs. Ms. Schimke is passionate about helping young people, and adults heal from complex trauma. She supports and advocates for trauma-informed practices in education to help young people feel safe, connected, and experience positive and successful school environments.

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