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    Stand up, Speak out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking

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    Last Update: 2023

    ISBN 13: 9781946135254

    Publisher: University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing

    Language: English

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    Reviewed by Donald Ritzenhein, Adjunct professor of communication, The George Washington University on 5/15/24

    Covers the three main beginning public speaking speeches, and the generally used preparation instructions. Chapter 5 on audience analysis is especially clear, with specific strategies and suggested assignments students can actually use. No... read more

    Reviewed by Patricia Walker, Associate Professor in Communication (Adjunct Professor), Prairie State College on 3/14/23

    "Stand up, Speak out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking" is quite comprehensive. It covers all of the areas that are specific to my course. Moreover, it provides an instructor more substantive information and references from which... read more

    Reviewed by Christopher Anderson, Adjunct Faculty, Bristol Community College on 6/21/21

    The chapters cover what you hope and expect from an introductory level public speaking textbook. read more

    Reviewed by Caleb Lamont, Adjunct Faculty in Communication Studies, Eastern Oregon University on 6/13/21

    This text covers a wide range of topics, all of which are important for students to be aware of for a public speaking text. I especially liked the section on ethical public speaking, as a lot of other public speaking texts do not touch on this.... read more

    Reviewed by Emily Wilkinson Stallings, Faculty Member - Senior Instructor, Virginia Tech on 5/19/21

    This textbook has the classic coverage of most Public Speaking textbooks today with an emphasis on ethics. I do see that cultural identities are missing which would be important when considering the audience (although the demographic information... read more

    Reviewed by Jeff Wade, Instructor, Northeastern Illinois University on 5/11/21

    The work is well sourced, and covers most aspects of public speaking with thoroughness. However, it is without a glossary or index. The chapters are well laid however, and the "Key Takeaways" and "Exercises" at the end of each sections provides... read more

    Reviewed by Christy Takamure, Professor, Leeward Community College on 4/23/21

    The textbook covers the major components you will find in other public speaking texts. Links connect the reader to more information if they are interested in specific examples. Although the concepts are clearly defined, there is room for more... read more

    Reviewed by Daniela Ottati-Reperger, Adjunct Assistant Professor, New York City College of Technology on 3/22/21

    The text has a table of contents that lists its 18 chapters. In addition, all chapters contain information that perfectly falls under the umbrella of public speaking. I would have liked to see additional chapters on nonverbal communication and... read more

    Reviewed by Lisa Merritt, Adjunct Instructor, Central Oregon Community College on 1/14/21

    The text is well organized and follows a logical progression. As others have stated, a much-needed Ethics chapter is located prominently at the front of the book as chapter two. All the traditional items one would expect to find in a public... read more

    Reviewed by Michelle Scaman, Term Faculty, University of Alaska Anchorage on 1/7/21, updated 1/10/21

    The textbook addresses the basic concepts of public speaking within a scope that is appropriate for 100 and 200 level courses and provides clear examples as well as useful exercises. One notable feature is the appendix which provides prompts that... read more

    Reviewed by Karen Pleasant, Adjunct Instructor, Rogue Community College on 8/25/20

    The text effectively covers the basics of Public Speaking, but it lacks both a glossary and information about fallacies. I liked the chart (a student exericse) about ethical issues as well as the comprehensive chapters on Communication... read more

    Reviewed by Shelly Grady, Adjunct Communication Instructor, Community College of Aurora on 8/14/20

    The big concern for me was that there was a brief mention of ethos, but no mention of pathos or logos, and little to no discussion of fallacy. These are vital components of the persuasive speech process, so I was looking for further detail. The... read more

    Reviewed by Lucy McKain, Adjunct Professor, Middlesex Community College on 6/30/20

    I thought this book covers most of the basics of writing and delivering a speech topic. I was disappointed however that it does not go into how to write a specific objective or purpose and why that is so important in your thinking and planning... read more

    Reviewed by Constance Berman, Professor of Communication, Berkshire Community College on 6/29/20

    Quite comprehensive - including a chapter on the so important but often neglected topic on LISTENING; all parts of a speech structure covered well - intro; body; conclusion. Types - informational, persuasive, entertainment. Keeping learning... read more

    Reviewed by Stef Donev, Adjunct Faculty, Worcester State University on 6/21/20

    In a time when people routinely talk about “fake news” and “alternative facts” and news agencies such as the Associated Press, CBS, NBC, etc., regularly run “fact checks” on speeches and announcements by politicians, government agencies, large... read more

    Reviewed by Patrick Bartee, Professor of Speech, Valencia College on 6/8/20

    In my personal opinion, the book covers the major steps of effective public speaking tips. read more

    Reviewed by Sherri Raftery-Patton, Adjunct Faculty, North Shore Community College on 5/27/20

    Stand up, Speak out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking is a practical, comprehensive and complete guide to learn the tools of public speaking. I highly recommend this book, every chapter is valuable, easy to understand, and questions at... read more

    Reviewed by Alyssa Harter, Assistant Professor , Umpqua Community College on 12/16/19

    The textbook is very comprehensive in covering relative topics to Public Speaking in an effective manner. The authors provide an index and glossary, in addition to an embedded table of contents to navigate the text. read more

    Reviewed by William Bettler, Professor, Hanover College on 10/22/19

    As an experiment, I used this text alongside another general public speaking text in my introductory public speaking class. I consistently found that while the two texts had more similarity than difference, this text had extras. For example, while... read more

    Reviewed by Jessica Papajcik, Associate Professor, Stark State College on 8/13/19

    Stand up, Speak out scores well on comprehensiveness. It's breadth in coverage is what we should expect for a public speaking course. The table of contents is detailed and covers all subsections within each chapter. However, there is no glossary... read more

    Reviewed by James Jarc, Assistant Professor, Central Ohio Technical College on 7/29/19

    This text is very thorough and comprehensive for the most part. The content is well organized and clearly presented to the reader. Topics are all relevant to a basic public speaking course, and some of the modules could even be used for... read more

    Reviewed by Lori Adair, Adjunct Instructor, Aims Community College on 6/5/19

    This text book is very inclusive and covers all the typical concepts you would expect to find in a public speaking text with additional hyperlinks to extra content. The content is explained clearly, and often in a more concise method than many... read more

    Reviewed by Adria Goldman, Assistant Professor of Communication, University of Mary Washington on 4/26/19

    The book touches on the main topics traditionally covered in a public speaking text/class, ranging from the role of ethics to the different types of speeches (informative, persuasive, entertaining). The text guides readers through the speech... read more

    Reviewed by Sunni Davis, Faculty, Communication Studies, University of Arkansas Cossatot on 4/25/19

    The text was very complete and covered the essentials for a basic introductory course in public speaking. Giving students a solid base in delivery is a key to giving confidence to beginning speakers, and this text covers the essentials in clear... read more

    Reviewed by Emily Plec, Professor, Open Oregon Educational Resources - Western Oregon University on 4/17/19

    The only thing lacking from the book is a good foundation and introduction to the classical study of rhetoric from which contemporary public speaking practice draws. read more

    Reviewed by Doug Marshall, Assistant Professor , SUNO on 3/25/19

    I find Stand up, Speak out to be a very comprehensive public speaking textbook. I find no major deficiencies with this work and find it to be very comparable to the major players in popular public speaking texts. read more

    Reviewed by Robert Green, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania on 3/13/19

    Although the comprehensiveness of this textbook might be a barrier to some students, and although the market appears to be trending towards minimalist textbooks, the comprehensiveness of this textbook is one of its strongest points. Many... read more

    Reviewed by Carrie Tomko, Senior Lecturer, OhioLink on 3/5/19

    From start to finish, Stand Up Speak Out (SUSO) contains a comprehensive collection of topics on public speaking, ideal for the college classroom. There is nothing lacking in this online resource. read more

    Reviewed by Rachel Davidson, Assistant Professor of Communication, Hanover College on 1/25/19

    The book covers every necessary aspect that students need to know for an introductory public speaking course. read more

    Reviewed by Ben Walker, Associate Professor, Southwest Minnesota State University on 9/25/18

    This text has everything you'd expect in an introduction to public speaking book. read more

    Reviewed by Kristen Hungerford, Visiting Assistant Professor, Miami University on 8/2/18

    The text covers all areas and ideas that are typically discussed in an introduction to public speaking book. However, the textbook is missing an index or glossary of terms that would be important for students to refer to and learn from, either... read more

    Reviewed by Ruth Fairchild, Instrucotr, Ridgewater College on 6/19/18

    Stand Up, Speak Out covers public speaking effectively, providing clear explanations of the content. As the title says, both the practical and ethical aspects are included. The sections on audience-centered speech design, research, and evaluation... read more

    Reviewed by Lisa Hoopis, Adjunct Professor, Rhode Island College on 6/19/18

    This book was very easy to understand and comprehend. I plan on using this with my peer education group who has to do public speaking. This text was perfect in covering the basics and giving them a good foundation. read more

    Reviewed by Brian Timm, Professor, North Hennepin Community College on 5/21/18

    This text addresses key concepts appropriate for an introductory level public speaking course. The content is extensive and larger courses may not have the time to address all of the material included. It would be nice to see more coverage about... read more

    Reviewed by Narissra Punyanunt-Carter, Associate Professor, Texas Tech University on 3/27/18

    This is the BEST public speaking book on the market. It covers every major and essential aspect of public speaking. read more

    Reviewed by Morgan Hess, Instructor of Record, University of Maryland on 2/1/18

    The text covers all areas and ideas of the subject appropriately, some with more originality than others. The ethics approach is interesting, and provides for many discussion starting points. The practical how-tos (speaking anxiety, visual aids,... read more

    Reviewed by David Sours, Humanities Instructor, Rogue Community College on 8/15/17

    The book’s discussion is generally thorough, explaining concepts clearly, illustrating their importance to the speech development process, and providing concrete examples. Particularly excellent are the discussions of ethics (especially... read more

    Reviewed by Gregory Epps, Associate Clinical Professor, West Virginia University on 12/5/16

    The book covered all of the areas associated with the subject matter. This was a major strength of the book. I did not see a glossary. read more

    Reviewed by Patria Lawton, Instructor, Inver Hills Community College on 12/5/16

    This text is a comprehensive guide to the many aspects of public speaking. So often to save money for the students, Instructors have relied on a pocket guide style of public speaking book. This is a nice option if you want to include the thorough... read more

    Reviewed by Kathleen German, Full Professor, Miami University -- Oxford, Ohio on 8/21/16

    Stand up, Speak--The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking is a relatively comprehensive textbook, although it’s longer than many commercial textbooks which accounts for some of its breadth of coverage. It is highly suitable for an introductory... read more

    Reviewed by Leslie Harris, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on 8/21/16

    This is a good basic public speaking textbook. It covers the main topics that one would expect in a public speaking textbook and includes plenty of practical advice. The sections on ethics and organization are particularly helpful, and the writing... read more

    Reviewed by Katie Trombley, Instructor, M State Community and Technical College on 8/21/16

    This textbook was one of the most comprehensive public speaking textbooks I have viewed. However, I found it to be lacking in critical thinking skills, such as identifying fallacies. There was no index, glossary, bibliography, or bold keywords... read more

    Reviewed by David Edwards, Instructor, South Central College, Faribault campus on 8/21/16

    All the topics one would expect in a public speaking course are included. They reflect the standard topics found in almost all mainstream public speaking textbooks. There are no topics missing. read more

    Reviewed by Rosemarie Tillman, Instructor, Lane Community College on 8/21/16

    I love how thoroughly this textbook covers thesis statements. I think the Chapter Exercises and Key Takeaways are especially useful for this element of a speech's introduction. I find students are often stymied by the differences between thesis... read more

    Reviewed by Paul Vinelli, Instructor, Portland Community College on 8/21/16

    As I was reading through the text, I considered whether it effectively complemented my lesson plans - and altogether, I feel it succeeded. The book goes into great depth in each of its major chapters, and offers students tips on how to tackle... read more

    Reviewed by Suzanne Burdick, Community College Instructor, Portland Community College on 8/21/16

    This text was very comprehensive. read more

    Reviewed by Karen Krumrey-Fulks, Lead Faculty, Lane Community College on 1/7/16

    This textbook is backed with current research and great examples making it an interesting and informative read. It reaches out to students by providing relevant stories and illustrations along with bibliographic footnotes. Unfortunately, those... read more

    Reviewed by Richard Schutta, Adjunct Professor, University of Wisconsin- Stout on 1/7/16

    This is by the best text book on public speaking that I have seen recently in terms of the overall content. What I would like to see is a better glossary of key terms. Yet, what makes this a great text is the break down of key takeaways and more... read more

    Reviewed by Shannon Crawford Barniskis, Instructor, Doctoral Candidate, Consultant, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on 1/7/16

    The book is quite comprehensive, and covers similar materials to other public speaking texts. Where it stands out is in its excellent and clear advice for the students. The advice on dealing with nervousness, analyzing one’s audience and adapting... read more

    Reviewed by Stacie Williams, Instructor, Portland Community College on 1/7/16

    This text stands up very well against many popular public speaking textbooks from large publishing houses that I've used. There are well written chapters for all of the concepts covered in a 100/200 level public speaking course. In terms of... read more

    Reviewed by Kathryn Black Lance, Instructor, Central Lakes Community and Technical College on 1/7/16

    The textbook covers all of the necessary topics included in your typical Public Speaking Introductory course to include audience analysis, ethics, listening, organization, outlining, research, language, and topic selection. It has specific... read more

    Reviewed by Kari Frisch, Instructor, Central Lakes College on 1/7/16

    The textbook actually covered more than what I was anticipating. I falsely thought it was going to be more of a handbook or guide, something I'd use supplementaly. The actual pdf version does not start with a chapter page of contents, nor does it... read more

    Reviewed by Jonna Ziniel, Department Chair, Valley City State University on 1/7/16

    The text covers all major components of public speaking in general. However, there are some major components missing that you will most likely need to supplement. There is not a section on group presentations, group dynamics, or leadership. If you... read more

    Reviewed by Jeremy Estrella, Dept. Chair/ Instructor, Portland Community College on 1/7/16

    The book covered many of the essential elements of a public speaking textbook. It has a thorough overview of ethics and public speaking, communication apprehension, organizing/outlining, informative speaking, visuals aids, persuasive speaking and... read more

    Reviewed by Sarah Zwick-Tapley, Adjunct Instructor, Colorado State University on 1/7/16

    This book is an excellent introduction to public speaking. I especially appreciate that ethics is covered in addition to standard public speaking information. This book does not however have a table of contents, index, glossary or "search"... read more

    Reviewed by Mike Baxter-Kauf, Lecturer, University of Minnesota on 6/10/15

    The text does a nice job covering the mechanics of constructing a speech and has a very thorough explanation of the goals, ethics and other "preliminary questions" that go into the process. The section on speech delivery (contained entirely in one... read more

    Reviewed by David Askay, Assistant Professor, California Polytechnic State University on 7/15/14

    The textbook provides a comprehensive discussion of topics related to public speaking, including focused chapters on commonly assigned informative, persuasive, and entertaining speeches. Content is consistent with other textbooks with chapters... read more

    Reviewed by Michelle Lutz, Adjunct English and Communication Professor, University of Northwestern - St. Paul on 7/15/14

    This wonderful book goes well beyond any communication text I have read or used as a professor. In addition to covering the basics, it includes well-developed insights, ideas, and examples for how to create and deliver ethical and quality speeches... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: Why Public Speaking Matters Today
    • Chapter 2: Ethics Matters: Understanding the Ethics of Public Speaking
    • Chapter 3: Speaking Confidently
    • Chapter 4: The Importance of Listening
    • Chapter 5: Audience Analysis
    • Chapter 6: Finding a Purpose and Selecting a Topic
    • Chapter 7: Researching Your Speech
    • Chapter 8: Supporting Ideas and Building Arguments
    • Chapter 9: Introductions Matter: How to Begin a Speech Effectively
    • Chapter 10: Creating the Body of a Speech
    • Chapter 11: Concluding with Power
    • Chapter 12: Outlining
    • Chapter 13: The Importance of Language
    • Chapter 14: Delivering the Speech
    • Chapter 15: Presentation Aids: Design and Usage
    • Chapter 16: Informative Speaking
    • Chapter 17: Persuasive Speaking
    • Chapter 18: Speaking to Entertain

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    About the Book

    Stand up, Speak out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking features two key themes. First it focuses on helping students become more seasoned and polished public speakers, and second is its emphasis on ethics in communication. It is this practical approach and integrated ethical coverage that setsStand up, Speak out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speakingapart from the other texts in this market.

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