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Speak Out, Call In: Public Speaking as Advocacy

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Meggie Mapes, University of Kansas

Copyright Year: 2019

ISBN 13: 9781936153121

Publisher: University of Kansas Libraries

Language: English

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Reviewed by James Proszek, Visiting Instructor of Rhetoric, Wabash College on 6/20/22

The text appropriately engages both communication theory and public speaking training by pairing technical skills (i.e. researching & constructing arguments, building an outline, using visual aids) with principles of advocacy that inform why... read more

Reviewed by Lana McDonnell, Professor, Dodge City Community College on 1/10/22

This book does a nice job of covering all of the material needed in a basic Public Speaking Course. I like that it follows a traditional trajectory and adds the focus of advocacy from the very beginning. It includes traditional expectations for... read more

Reviewed by Kara Dillard, Assistant Professor, James Madison University on 8/16/21

"Speak Out, Call In" is a textbook aimed at students taking a basic public speaking or introduction to communication course. The text is very comprehensive – outlining what communication and public speaking is, including the notion of advocacy,... read more

Reviewed by Julie Walker, Assistant Professor, Assistant Director of Forensics, Southwest Minnesota State University on 2/5/21, updated 6/1/21

This book covers all of the basic public speaking needs. What I really appreciate is the way the book clearly situates public speaking within contexts. read more

Table of Contents

Part I. Advocacy and Audiences

  • 1. Public Speaking As Advocacy
  • 2. Centering Audiences

Part II. Arguments and Information

  • 3. Selecting and Formulating Arguments
  • 4. Researching Arguments
  • 5. Crafting Arguments
  • 6. Organizing and Outlining

Part III. Aesthetics and Delivery

  • 7. Creating an Aesthetic Experience
  • 8. Verbal Delivery
  • 9. Nonverbal Delivery
  • 10. Presentation Aids
  • 11. Rehearsing Your Presentation

Part IV. Approaches

  • 12. Informative Speaking
  • 13. Persuasive Speaking
  • 14. Online Public Speaking
  • 15. Ceremonial Speaking

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  • About the Book

    Speak Out, Call In: Public Speaking as Advocacy is a contemporary, interdisciplinary public speaking textbook that fuses rhetoric, critical/cultural studies, and performance to offer an up-to-date resource for students. With a focus on advocacy, this textbook invites students to consider public speaking as a political, purposeful form of information-sharing. 

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