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Spanish I: Beginning Spanish Language and Culture

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Matthew Dean, Humboldt State University

Copyright Year: 2020

ISBN 13: 9781947112421

Publisher: Humboldt State University Press

Language: English

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Reviewed by Evelyn Nadeau, Professor of Spanish, Clarke University, Clarke University on 1/2/21

The usual vocabulary topics and grammatical structures in a university-level first semester Spanish book are included, although there are also some less typical structures included in the last chapter, such as commands and past tenses (the... read more

Reviewed by Emily Scida, Professor, General Faculty, University of Virginia on 12/14/20

This textbook covers the vocabulary and grammar concepts typically covered in first-semester Spanish at the college level. The overall approach is a traditional grammar-focused one with presentation-practice-production. Each chapter presents a... read more

Reviewed by Andrea Dewees, Associate Professor, University of Alaska, Southeast on 11/29/20, updated 12/16/20

It covers most grammar and vocabulary topics (more so if it is for a quarter-based system), but it does not contain sufficient cultural material (realia, explanation, practice). (See ACTFL standards). For example, by p. 264 students should be able... read more

Reviewed by Ana M. Lopez-Aguilera, Assistant Professor, Bemidji State University on 11/11/20

The book Spanish I is a very complete textbook. It covers the topics, vocabulary, communicative situations, grammar structures and cultural information that a student at the elementary level needs to communicate in Spanish in everyday life. I feel... read more

Table of Contents

  • 1.En la universidad
  • 2. La familia
  • 3.En casa
  • 4.De compras
  • 5.Los pasatiempos

About the Book

This peer-reviewed textbook is designed for the true beginner with U.S. college students in mind. It contains themed chapters, which are divided into 8 sections. Each section has its own set of learning objectives, and is further separated into three types of assignments, Para estudiar en casa (with detailed explanations), Para practicar en casa (homework exercises), and Para practicar en clase (paired and group classwork activities). The explanations and primary input are written to be easily comprehensible. The individual exercises are geared towards acquisition of form and function, and the communicative classwork exercises promote interpersonal exchanges between students. The digital copy includes some embedded audio files, and we are developing a website to house many more resources.

About the Contributors


Dr. Matthew Dean grew up speaking only English. As an undergraduate, he began his exploration of Spanish, fell in love with the language and cultures, and never looked back. He began teaching Spanish at San Diego State University in 1997. Currently, he is Professor of Spanish in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Humboldt State University. He has taught all levels of Spanish language, literature, and culture, and directed several study abroad programs. As a non-native Spanish speaker, Dr. Dean understands the struggles of the language learner. He has taught Spanish to thousands of community college and university students and invites you to start your language adventure today.