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    Reading and Writing Successfully in College: A Guide for Students

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    Patricia Lynne, Framingham State University

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    Reviewed by Carol Lambert, Adjunct instructor, Worcester State University on 6/15/24

    The book is easy to read and organized so that students can understand the logic and intention of the assignments, rather than confuse them with technical information and terms. read more

    Reviewed by Zana Combiths, Instructor, Radford University on 10/23/23

    The Writing Process is covered well. I would like more on grammar and practice with common grammar problems and punctuation errors. I would also like to see more on argument strategies in the main text (without so much clicking around). read more

    Reviewed by Rhonda Italiano, Professor, North Hennepin Community College on 5/31/23

    The text covers all areas of reading strategies from pre-reading to annotation and note-taking. That information is then tied to writing strategies and how they will help students become better writers. read more

    Reviewed by Angelica Rivera, Director, Northeastern Illinois University on 5/4/23

    The textbook entitled "Reading and Writing Successfully in College: A Guide for Students" is comprehensive in nature and is well organized. It is divided into 3 Parts: I. Successful College Reading: Reading effectively, creating an optimal setting... read more

    Table of Contents

    • Preface
    • Chapter 1 - Successful College Reading
    • Chapter 2 - Doing Intellectual Work
    • Chapter 3 - Writing Process in College
    • Chapter 4 - Writing with Sources
    • Glossary
    • Works Cited
    • Grant Information

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    About the Book

    This textbook provides students with guidelines for understanding writing tasks as intellectual work using Bloom’s Taxonomy and for treating the writing process as a set of variable activities that move along a trajectory from idea or assignment to a finished product. The book also includes chapters on strengthening reading strategies and on finding, evaluating, and using sources effectively.

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    Patricia Lynne, Framingham State University

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