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Public Health in Pharmacy Practice: A Casebook - 2nd Edition

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Jordan R Covvey, Duquesne University School of Pharmacy

Vibhuti Arya, St John’s University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Natalie A. DiPietro Mager, Ohio Northern University Raabe College of Pharmacy

Copyright Year: 2021

ISBN 13: 9781942341840

Publisher: Milne Open Textbooks

Language: English

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Reviewed by Elaine Beale, Pharmacy Technician Program Lead, Tidewater Community College on 11/1/22

This text is uniquely composed in that it covers many topics well, leaving the reader with much to ponder and apply to pharmacy practice. I have not seen a text like this previously and think it would make a great addition to any pharmacy or... read more

Table of Contents

  • 1. An ounce of prevention: pharmacy applications of the USPSTF guidelines
  • 2. Communicating health information: hidden barriers and practical approaches
  • 3. Medication safety: to ‘error’ is human
  • 4. Drawing the line: preventing sexually transmitted infections
  • 5. Interprofessional collaboration: transforming public health through team work
  • 6. HIV and hepatitis C co-infection: a double-edged sword
  • 7. Ethical decision-making in global health: when cultures clash
  • 8. Safe opioid use in the community setting: reverse the curse?
  • 9. The ‘state’ of things: epidemiologic comparisons across populations
  • 10. Saying what you mean doesn’t always mean what you say: cross-cultural communication
  • 11. The cough heard ‘round the world: working with tuberculosis
  • 12. More than just diet and exercise: social determinants of health and well-being
  • 13. Deciphering immunization codes: making evidence-based recommendations
  • 14. Getting to the point: importance of immunizations for public health
  • 15. Smoke in mirrors: the continuing problem of tobacco use
  • 16. Plant now, harvest later: services for rural underserved patients
  • 17. Telepharmacy: building a connection to close the healthcare gap
  • 18. Hormonal contraception: from emergency coverage to long-term therapy
  • 19. From belly to baby: preparing for a healthy pregnancy
  • 20. When disaster strikes: managing chaos and instilling lessons for future events
  • 21. Anticipating anthrax and other bioterrorism threats
  • 22. In the stroke of time: pharmacist roles in the management of cerebrovascular accident
  • 23. Alcohol use disorder: beyond prohibition
  • 24. Immunizing during a pandemic: considerations for COVID-19 vaccinations
  • 25. Sweetening the deal: improving health outcomes for patients with diabetes mellitus
  • 26. The hidden burden of hemodialysis: personal and economic impacts
  • 27. Only a mirage: searching for healthy options in a food desert
  • 28. Sex education: counseling patients from various cultural backgrounds
  • 29. Harm reduction for people who use drugs: A life-saving opportunity
  • 30. Digging deeper: improving health communication with patients
  • 31. Equity for all: providing accessible healthcare for patients living with disabilities
  • 32. Laying the foundation for public health priorities: Healthy People 2030
  • 33. Staying on track: reducing missed immunization opportunities in the pediatric population
  • 34. When love hurts: caring for patients experiencing interpersonal violence
  • 35. Pharmacists and Medicare Part D: helping patients navigate their prescription benefits
  • 36. Expanding the pharmacists’ role: assessing mental health and suicide
  • 37. Bridging the gap between oncology and primary care: a multidisciplinary approach
  • 38. A stigma that undermines care: opioid use disorder and treatment considerations
  • 39. Deprescribing in palliative care: applying knowledge translation strategies
  • 40. Let your pharmacist be your guide: navigating barriers to pharmaceutical access
  • 41. Open-door policy: a window into creation, implementation, and assessment
  • 42. PrEPare yourself: let’s talk about sex
  • 43. Unexpected souvenirs: parasitic and vector-borne infections during and after travel
  • 44. You say medication, I say meditation: effectively caring for diverse populations
  • 45. The Sustainable Development Goals and pharmacy practice: a blueprint for health
  • 46. Experiences of a Caribbean immigrant: going beyond clinical care
  • 47. Medicine for the soul: spirituality in pharmacy
  • 48. Uncrossed wires: working with non-English speaking patient populations
  • 49. Unintended consequences of e-cigarette use: a public health epidemic
  • 50. A toxic situation: the roles of pharmacists and poison control centers
  • 51. Prescription for change: advocacy and legislation in pharmacy
  • 52. Travel medicine: what you need to know before you go
  • 53. A pharmacist’s obligation: advocating for change
  • 54. The great undoing: a multigenerational journey from racism to social determinants of health

Ancillary Material

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  • About the Book

    This casebook, now in its second edition, is a collaboration of over 90 individuals with expertise and training in public health pharmacy. A total of 54 chapters are presented, covering a broad array of topics relevant to pharmacy applications of public health. These topics include, but are not limited to, cross-cultural care, health literacy and disparities, infectious disease, health promotion and disease prevention, medication safety, structural racism, advocacy/policy analysis, chronic disease, women’s health, rural health, travel medicine and more. The book is designed to allow educators/students to choose chapters of interest as they feel suited, as each chapter is independent from the others. Each chapter contains learning objectives and an introduction to the topic, followed by a case and questions. The chapter closes with commentary from the authors and patient-oriented considerations for the topic at hand.

    About the Contributors


    Jordan R Covvey, PharmD, PhD, BCPSAssociate Professor of Pharmacy AdministrationDuquesne University School of Pharmacy; Pittsburgh, PA

    Vibhuti Arya, PharmDClinical ProfessorSt John’s University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences; Queens, NY

    Natalie A. DiPietro Mager, PharmD, MPHProfessor of Pharmacy PracticeOhio Northern University Raabe College of Pharmacy; Ada, OH

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