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Read more about Polimetrics: A Stata Companion to Introduction to Political Science Research Methods - 1st Edition

Polimetrics: A Stata Companion to Introduction to Political Science Research Methods - 1st Edition

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Josh Franco, Cuyamaca College

Copyright Year: 2021

Last Update: 2023

ISBN 13: 9781735198019

Publisher: Open Political Science (OPoliSci)

Language: English

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Reviewed by Lindsay Benstead, Professor of Politics and Global Studies, Portland State University on 10/16/23

This textbook is highly comprehensive from the point of view of presenting how to use STATA, beginning with how to open the program and manage files to advance topics that include analyzing panel data and survival analysis. It does not have a... read more

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • List of Figures
  • Acknowledgements
  • Chapter 1 - Overview
  • Chapter 2 - Stata Software Tour and Getting Started
  • Chapter 3 - Datasets: Cross-section, Time Series, and Panel
  • Chapter 4 - Data Management
  • Chapter 5 - Descriptive Statistics
  • Chapter 6 - Model Selection
  • Chapter 7 - Linear Models
  • Chapter 8 - Binary Outcome Models
  • Chapter 9 - Ordinal Outcome Models
  • Chapter 10 - Categorical Outcome Models 
  • Chapter 11 - Count Outcome Models
  • Chapter 12 - Panel Data Linear Models
  • Chapter 13 - Panel Data Binary Outcome Models
  • Chapter 14 - Panel Data Ordinal Outcome Models
  • Chapter 15 - Panel Data Categorical Outcome Models
  • Chapter 16 - Panel Data Count Outcome Models
  • Chapter 17 - Survival Modes
  • Chapter 18 - Share
  • Chapter 19 - Reflection
  • References

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About the Book

Polimetrics: A Stata Companion, authored by Dr. Josh Franco, is an Open Education Resource workbook licensed CC BY-NC and designed as a Stata companion to Introduction to Political Science Research Methods.

This workbook provides a tour of the Stata software, an introduction to cross-sectional, time series, and panel data, and an introduction to a variety of models. I review models where the outcome is linear, binary, ordinal, categorical, and count. Additionally, I have an interpretation chapter on survival models.

Each “Models” chapter has a similar organizational structure: about, estimated time, what is the model, how are models run in Stata, how do we interpret the model results, and a real-world example of model results in a Creative Commons licensed, peer-reviewed journal article. Additionally, mini-assignment instructions and a rubric are included so students can practice their interpretation skills.

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Dr. Josh Franco, Cuyamaca College

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