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Palabras propias

(3 reviews)

Sean Guillickson, The University of Kansas

Publisher: University of Kansas Libraries

Language: English

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Reviewed by Laura Patricia Garza, Senior Lecturer, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on 12/21/22

Palabras propias’ sections develop from an ample to a specific approach. Each module offers a concise introduction to provide students with the historical, political, social, cultural, and even economic context needed to comprehend a particular... read more

Reviewed by Maria Echenique, Associate Professor of Spanish, University of Portland on 6/24/22

This text provides an array of Modules that address important topics related to Latin American and Spanish histories and cultures. A special emphasis is put on Latin American Indigenous peoples, social justice and women’s issues. Each module is... read more

Reviewed by Elena Garcia Oliveros, Adjunt Faculty, City Colleges of Chicago on 5/30/22

This text covers some important topics related to the Spanish Speaking World. The format is well organized and consistent. We find an index which takes us each topic/module easily. There is some vocabulary highlighted in a darker color which, once... read more

Table of Contents

  • I. Módulos con enfoque en Latinoamérica
    • Literaturas prehispánicas
    • La ciudad en la historia de América Latina
    • Cicatriz de la memoria: La matanza de 1932 en El Salvador
    • Voces indígenas en el cine, Parte I: Indigenidad
    • Voces indígenas en el cine, Parte II: Narrativas del agua
    • La nueva izquierda latinoamericana
    • Pachamama
    • Diego Maradona: héroe épico, mito nacional
    • #NiUnaMenos
  • II. Módulos con enfoque en España
    • Las siete partidas de Alfonso X «el Sabio»
    • El camino de Santiago y El códice calixtino
    • Los moriscos, parte I: Los moriscos en la historia
    • Los moriscos, parte II: Los moriscos en la literatura
  • III. Módulos transatlánticos y globales
    • Cristóbal Colón: La narrativa del encuentro
    • La emigración gallega a América


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About the Book

The goal of this project is to provide high-quality, accessible primary sources to those teaching and studying the histories and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world and the indigenous peoples of Latin America. Our modules cover a wide range of topics, but all consist of the same essential  parts:

  • A brief introduction that provides socio-historical context for the primary document.
  • The text itself, often glossed for improved comprehension by non-native speakers of Spanish.
  • A set of activities that range from comprehension to analysis, from using new vocabulary to answering creative writing and essay prompts.

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Sean Guillickson, Kansas University

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