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Nutrition: Science and Everyday Application - beta v 0.1

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Alice Callahan, Lane Community College

Heather Leonard, Lane Community College

Tamberly Powell, Lane Community College

Copyright Year: 2020

ISBN 13: 9781636350035

Publisher: Open Oregon Educational Resources

Language: English

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Reviewed by Michelle Hesse, Assistant Professor, James Madison University on 3/29/23

The table of contents/outline for the entire textbook has a similar organization to other “mainstream” basic nutrition textbooks and seems to cover a wide range of nutrition topics. From the table of contents, larger nutrition concepts and deeper... read more

Reviewed by Jorge Canchola, Lecturer II, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on 12/15/22

All topics of an introductory course to nutrition are included. Although alcohol is not considered a nutrient, this topic is usually covered in similar textbooks that aren't open access. Also, a section for water is needed. It would be a good... read more

Reviewed by Ginny King, Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, North Shore Community College on 12/1/22

This OER contains most elements found in a basic, introductory nutritional science textbook and follows a similar flow. Classic and current nutrition considerations are incorporated including basic nutrition principles as well as modern nutrition... read more

Reviewed by Susan Massad, Professor, Framingham State University on 11/13/22

The text provides a comprehensive coverage of all topics provided in their chapters. The chapters are laid out logically and include enough detail for an entry-level nutrition course. It is just challenging enough, without being overly... read more

Reviewed by Julie Mancuso, Affiliate Faculty, Metropolitan State University of Denver on 8/8/22

It begins with the concept of health and goes through the physiological concepts of atoms to organs to systems etc, spending more time on the substrates. read more

Reviewed by Serah Theuri, Associate Professor, University of Southern Indiana on 5/17/22

The book covers a wide range of topics making this a great resource for people with no nutrition background. Some areas such as the Tools for Achieving a Health Diet in Unit 1 is covered with great depth. Other chapters such as Pregnancy and... read more

Reviewed by Beverly Moellering MS RD LD, Assistant Professor/Director Coordinate Program in Dietetics, University of Saint Francis on 5/7/22

The topics covered in this text are ideal for an introduction class in nutrition. The reader is exposed to a wide variety of the basics of nutrition science. read more

Reviewed by Lisa Salinas, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on 11/29/21

This book is quite comprehensive in its coverage of basic nutrition topics. The table of contents is very user-friendly and appropriately detailed and there is an option to 'search in book,' if you are looking for a specific term. read more

Reviewed by Lucas Dargo, Associate Professor, Manchester University on 3/2/21

The content is well organized and each chapter has a comprehensive layout of information presented so that regardless of the learner's background they can understand the foundation of the chapter before diving into more specifics. Pictures are... read more

Reviewed by Leslie Redmond, Assistant Professor, University of Alaska Anchorage on 1/3/21, updated 1/10/21

The text covers all areas of the subject at an appropriate level of detail expected for a basic human nutrition course. As the authors state in their introduction, this text was developed for a nutrition course taken by many types of students,... read more

Reviewed by Ashley Gaboriault, Adjunct Instructor, Bunker Hill Community College on 12/31/20, updated 1/6/21

This book is both covers over-arching principles as well as gets in depth on the science of nutrition. It uses helpful metaphors and integrates videos to help further delve into the topics presented. Even the section discussing atoms and molecules... read more

Table of Contents

  • Unit 1 - Designing A Healthy Diet
  • Unit 2 - Nutrition Science and Information Literacy
  • Unit 3 - Molecules of Life: Photosynthesis, Digestion, and Metabolism
  • Unit 4- Carbohydrates
  • Unit 5- Lipids
  • Unit 6- Protein
  • Unit 7- Energy Balance and Healthy Body Weight
  • Unit 8 - Vitamins and Minerals Part 1
  • Unit 9 - Vitamins and Minerals Part 2
  • Unit 10 - Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • Unit 11 - Nutrition Throughout the Lifespan

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  • About the Book

    This book is designed as an OER text and learning resource for undergraduate students enrolled in FN 225 Nutrition at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. The book covers basic nutrition and metabolism, information literacy, energy balance, nutrition across life stages, dietary supplements, an in-depth look at each of the macronutrients, and major functions of vitamins and minerals.

    About the Contributors


    Alice Callahan is a nutrition instructor at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon, with a PhD in Nutritional Biology from the University of California, Davis. She is also a health and science writer with articles published in outlets such as The New York Times and The Washington Post and the author of a book about making evidence-based parenting decisions, The Science of Mom: A Research-Based Guide to Your Baby’s First Year, published by Johns Hopkins University Press. In both her teaching and writing, her focus is on making science accessible and applicable to everyday life. She is a mother to two children and enjoys running, hiking, backpacking, reading, and baking.  

    Heather Leonard is a registered dietitian nutritionist with a master’s degree in Prevention Science. She is a nutrition instructor at Lane Community College where she loves helping students make connections between nutrition and their personal lifestyles. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Prevention Science at the University of Oregon. She is the mother to three children and enjoys exploring the outdoors through trail running and ultramarathons.

    Tamberly Powell is a registered dietitian nutritionist with a master’s degree in Nutrition and Foodservice Management. She is a nutrition faculty member and program coordinator for Health and Nutrition at Lane Community College. She is passionate about saving students’ money by offering low-cost or OER materials and engaging students through online learning. She enjoys being a mom of two girls, staying active through outdoor recreation in the Pacific Northwest, playing tennis, and reading a good book.

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