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Read more about Math in Society: Mathematics for liberal arts majors

Math in Society: Mathematics for liberal arts majors

(3 reviews)

Cara Lee, Portland Community College

Copyright Year: 2018

Publisher: Portland Community College Math Department

Language: English

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Reviewed by Heather Kahler, Assistant Teaching Professor, University of Wisconsin - Superior on 1/23/23

The book does not cover as many topics as I am used to seeing in liberal arts mathematics texts. The topics that are covered are done well. I was especially impressed with the thorough section on Contingency Tables under Probability. I ... read more

Reviewed by Shannon Benes, Adjunct Associate Math Professor, Johnson County Community College on 6/3/22

We do not teach a course like this at our school, but I wanted to review this textbook and see what would be included in a curriculum for such a course. Each chapter in the book covered a topic that was very appropriate for a Math in Society... read more

Reviewed by Jessica Knoch, Mathematics Instructor, Lane Community College on 1/2/22

All the topics for Math 105 are covered in some way in this textbook, and some additional topics are included that could be covered in Math 105, depending on your school. Some of the instructors at my school found the removal of some probability... read more

Table of Contents

  • 1 Logic and Sets
  • 2 Financial Math 
  • 3 Statistics
  • 4 Probability 
  • 5 Democracy

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About the Book

We dedicate this book to our students. May you have greater ease in paying for college and grow your proficiency and confidence in math.

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Cara Lee, Portland Community College

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