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Lifespan Development: A Psychological Perspective - Second Edition

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Martha Lally, College of Lake County

Suzanne Valentine-French, College of Lake County

Copyright Year: 2017

Last Update: 2019

Publisher: Martha Lally, Suzanne Valentine-French

Language: English

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Reviewed by Kelli Rogers, Assistant Professor Practice, University of Texas at Arlington on 12/12/22

This text examines how biological, psychological, and social factors shape people’s lives from conception to death, covering various stages of development and a number of theories relates to these stages. However, there is need for further... read more

Reviewed by Michael Slavkin, Assistant Professor of Psychological Services and Counseling, Marian University on 5/31/22

Each chapter is organized around a developmental level. Pertinent theories and concepts are covered. Details are strong and material is well discussed. read more

Reviewed by Joshua Smith, Psychology Instructor, Dodge City Community College on 2/25/22

This book is well laid out and covers all of the major areas of the lifespan development. The book is hits on all of the major concepts and theories that I would want to teach in an introductory or intermediate lifespan development course. The... read more

Reviewed by Elbert Davis, Assistant Professor, Marshall University on 12/17/21

This is a very in-depth textbook on lifespan development. The authors follow the lifespan from pre-birth to death. The theories are introducted in the first chapter, and are again discussed in the relevant developmental stage in future chapters.... read more

Reviewed by Lisamarie Bensman, Assistant Professor, Windward Community College on 12/12/21

This text includes all major areas of development that I would expect to find in a developmental text. The index at the beginning of the text is useful for a quick overview of what is in each chapter and can be used to jump to specific sections. ... read more

Reviewed by Mary Ann Woodman, Adjunct Professor, Rogue Community College on 12/8/21

The content material in this book is very easy to read and well organized. It provides a comprehensive look at the stages of human growth over time including theoretical, methodological and historical approaches to lifespan development. Chapter 1:... read more

Reviewed by Jeongwoon Jeong, Instructor, Fort Hays State University on 10/20/21

The overall text covers comprehensive ideas including basic and advanced concepts of theories. It would have been better if the text included index or glossary. read more

Reviewed by Keonya Booker, Associate Professor, College of Charleston on 9/15/21

This textbook analyzes the human lifespan from birth until death. Each chapter includes a discussion about the physical, cognitive, and psychosocial changes that can be expected at every developmental stage. The expanded table of contents lists... read more

Reviewed by Cebrail Karayigit, Assistant Professor, Pittsburg State University on 4/22/21

This book is comprehensive, and includes chapters on each stage of the lifespan. The book covers not only cognitive domain, but also biosocial and psychosocial development, involving continuity and change. The book also analyze different... read more

Reviewed by Dr. Charlene Moore-Peterson, Adjunct Professor, Aiken Technical College on 3/16/21

This book covers all areas effectively as it relates to the subject of Lifespan. read more

Reviewed by Emily Healy, Assistant Professor, Bunker Hill Community College on 2/9/21

This textbook provides a comprehensive look at human growth and development over the lifespan. It begins with an introductory chapter, which looks at theoretical approaches to studying lifespan development, different methodological approaches to... read more

Reviewed by Jacqueline McMillion-Williams, Adjunct Professor, Bunker Hill Community College on 1/31/21, updated 2/1/21

For a course on developmental psychology, this text provides appropriate coverage of all areas of the lifespan. The table of contents provides an effective index in both short and long form. Key words are bold and defined within the text, but... read more

Reviewed by Meagan Docherty, Assistant Professor, Bowling Green State University on 12/15/20

This book is comprehensive, and includes chapters on each stage of the lifespan, as well as an introductory chapter with information on the lifespan perspective, theories, and research. Each chapter includes the major developmental changes and... read more

Reviewed by Amy Clinard, Assistant Professor, Bunker Hill Community College on 12/14/20, updated 12/18/20

The Table of Contents itemizes lifespan development just in terms of the stages of the lifespan (infancy, early childhood, etc.) and does not further itemize based on domains which many other textbooks do (physical, cognitive, psychosocial). ... read more

Reviewed by Joshua Becker, Professor of Psychology, Greenfield Community College on 6/30/20

The text itself is comprehensive, with each topic organized into logical and interesting sub-topics. The sub-topics are written comprehensively in easy-to-digest paragraphs. There is no glossary or index, however. read more

Reviewed by Kevin Duquette, Assistant Professor, Bridgewater State University on 6/22/20

Very clearly laid out with ten chapters ranging from prenatal to death. Table of contents acts also as an index of sorts, with specific topics within each stage clearly defined and page numbers provided. Could benefit from a glossary (either at... read more

Reviewed by Sandra Gilliland, Associate Professor, Louisiana State University of Alexandria on 4/20/20

This 468 page book covers all of the major stages and domains of development. The book begins with a detailed overview of the field of lifespan development and then goes into great depth on the common issues and areas of interest for each major... read more

Reviewed by Masami Takahashi, Professor, Northeastern Illinois University on 4/5/20

This is a very comprehensive Lifespan Developmental Psychology textbook (465 pgs). It covers not only psychology but also a fair amount of biology as well, and almost any other topis I can think of including relatively up-to-date research... read more

Reviewed by Linde Althaus, Psychology Instructor, Minnesota State University System on 3/8/20

This book covers all of the age groups covered in a lifespan class, but consolidates some age groups to lengthy chapters. read more

Reviewed by Pamela L. Parent, Associate Professor (Adjunct), J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College on 1/14/20

The text was comprehensive and well-planned. Addresses major concepts and theories with numerous online links to facilitate further inquiry. read more

Reviewed by Elizabeth Becker, Senior Instructor II, Eastern Oregon University on 1/4/20, updated 1/15/20

The text covers a wide range of topics related to development, including current trends and issues. read more

Reviewed by Amy Hammond, Associate Professor/Dept Chair, Centenary College of Louisiana on 12/30/19

Very comprehensive! All the major concepts and ideas are addressed, although sometimes briefly (as is necessary in a lifespan text). read more

Reviewed by Sara Fier, Professor, Minnesota State University System-Southwest Minnesota State University on 12/30/19

The book provided good coverage of developmental psychology concepts. There was no index or glossary included, although the fact that the book is in an electronic format makes this less problematic than for a hard copy book. read more

Reviewed by Diane Bordenave, Associate Professor, SUNO on 11/9/19

The text covers lifespan development content from birth until death. There is an Table of Contents with chapter sections and page numbers for reference. read more

Reviewed by Sarah McEwan, Assistant Professor, Marian University on 11/4/19

This text addresses all aspects of human growth and development that I cover in my course. read more

Reviewed by Allie Chroust, Assistant Professor, East Tennessee State University on 4/21/19

The textbook covers human development across the lifespan. It is presented in the chronological framework. Each chapter provides an in-depth look at that stage of development. However, there is no glossary of key terms or index. Students would... read more

Reviewed by Patrick Smith, Associate Professor, Thomas Nelson Community College on 3/21/19

The comprehensiveness of the textbook is interesting, as there are only ten chapters. In other words, the authors pack a great deal of information into each chapter. This book covers all of the requisite topics for an introductory or survey... read more

Reviewed by Natalie Danner, Assistant Professor, Western Oregon University, Open Oregon Educational Resources on 3/20/19

This textbook is VERY comprehensive and covers lifespan development from prenatal development to death and dying. There is a very detailed Table of Contents; making it easy to find age groupings, theories, or concepts in development. There is no... read more

Reviewed by Laura Lawn, Adjunct Faculty, Chemeketa Community College on 3/5/19

On the whole, the book is very comprehensive, though there were a few places where it could have used a bit more. I did not see much on atypical development outside early childhood years which would be beneficial to include. It would also be... read more

Reviewed by Francesca Kendris, Associate Professor, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania on 2/27/19

The book is quite comprehensive. It addresses all developmental milestones and the major theories that accompany them. It provides appropriate depth to each topic and offers a thorough explanation of the subject. The book does not possess an... read more

Reviewed by Dan Bacon, Lecturer, San Diego State University on 2/22/19

The courses I teach primarily cover birth through middle childhood, so my review focused most heavily on chapters 1-5. The text is comprehensive in that it covers a wide range of topics you would expect in such a book. However, it may be... read more

Reviewed by Jennifer Parta-Arno, Psychology Instructor, Minnesota State on 2/7/19

Overall I found this text to be very comprehensive in covering all of the developmental stages and topics that I have used in other textbooks. It has a good layout of information that is for the most part relevant and up to date. read more

Reviewed by Lori Waters, Lecturer - Adjunct Faculty, Leeward Community College on 1/24/19

The research and experiment chapter was easily readable, attractive and enticing. Good, solid, well rounded text. I will highly recommend this text. read more

Reviewed by Glinda Rawls, Associate Professor, Western Michigan University on 12/14/18

Much of the content presented in the chapters is standard for most lifespan development textbooks. read more

Reviewed by Jamie Nordling, Assistant Professor, Augustana College on 11/18/18

The book content matches what I currently teach. read more

Reviewed by Lisa Dunkley, Assistant Professor, East Tennessee State University on 10/23/18

The text is comparative to other texts in the field. However, disability inclusive issues across the lifespan would add for a more comprehensive outlook. read more

Reviewed by Christopher Belser, Assistant Professor, University of New Orleans on 6/19/18

Overall, the text covers a wide array of topics within this subject, but the degree of depth to which these topics are covered varies. Career development isn’t introduced until the section on emerging adulthood. Research dating back 50+ years... read more

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Lifespan Development
  • Chapter 2: Heredity, Prenatal Development, and Birth
  • Chapter 3: Infancy and Toddlerhood
  • Chapter 4: Early Childhood
  • Chapter 5: Middle and Late Childhood
  • Chapter 6: Adolescence
  • Chapter 7: Emerging and Early Adulthood
  • Chapter 8: Middle Adulthood
  • Chapter 9: Late Adulthood
  • Chapter 10: Death and Dying

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  • About the Book

    This textbook introduces the idea of lifespan development from a psychological perspective.

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    Martha Lally is an Instructor in the Psychology department at the College of Lake County.

    Suzanne Valentine-French is an Instructor in the Psychology department at the College of Lake County.

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